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Character Curriculum

Character Curriculum

This fortnight's trait is....




This fortnight at Forest Fields, we will be thinking about what altruism means to us.


Altruism may be defined as: Selflessly caring for the well-being of others.


Examples of altruistic acts might be...


- Opening a door for another person (even if you might be in a rush yourself!)


- Sharing food or toys with other people


- Giving someone a compliment that will make them feel happy


This fortnight we will think about questions such as...


What altruistic acts have I performed recently? What might I do in the future?


What does it mean for an act to be selfless?


If I feel happy after I have been kind to someone else,

does that mean my kindness was not altruistic?


What does this mean for our definition of altruism?




Check out the link below to the Random Acts of Kindness website. We will celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day on 17th February 2018. What altruistic acts will you perform this week?

Picture 1


In the video below, a group of scientists conduct an experiment showing how children (and chimps!) might be seen showing altruism. As we learn in Year 6, the science of evolution teaches us that we share common ancestry with chimps. Somewhere in the evolutionary family tree, humans and chimps share an ancestor!


If both chimps and children seem to be naturally altruistic, then what might this tell us about this trait?

PBS | The Human Spark - Kids Are Naturally Altruistic

Every fortnight, our Into Film club watches a film linked to the Trait of the Fortnight. The children discuss the film and their own thoughts about it. Recently, Into Film club watched a film called 'Wadja' about a young girl growing up in Saudi Arabia. The children thought about how this inspirational girl developed self-awareness through her experiences in the film. Klara (5HD) wrote the winning review, check it out below! 


Picture 1

Check out the Into Film club page by clicking the link below...

What is Character Curriculum?

'Evidence suggests that character matters hugely for a variety of later life outcomes. It can help boost educational attainment and motivation to learn among young people, as well as facilitating positive later life outcomes, such as good mental well-being, positive health behaviours, and more success when finding career paths.'


As a school, we are committing to engage in and develop a sustainable and effective 'Character Curriculum' that launched school wide in September 2016. Throughout the school year we aim to provide a range of opportunities for all the children to build skills in areas such as courage, self-awareness, resilience and altruism.



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*** It's the half term holiday till Friday 23 February. We are looking forward to seeing everyone back at 8:50am on Monday 26 February 2018 ***