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Character Curriculum

Character Curriculum

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This fortnight's trait is MOTIVATION!


We will be thinking about what this trait means to us and questions like...


- What motivates us? And what doesn't?

-How can we get motivated (even when we might not feel that way to start with!)?


Check out the videos below to get you thinking!


How can you be motivated today?

Can you help to motivate someone else? Remember, motivation is contagious- help spread it around!





Motivational Speeches from Kids Around the World!

Will Smith with an inspiring speech to motivate us all!




Into Film Club: Film Review of the Fortnight!


Each fortnight, our Into Film Club watches a film connected to our Character Curriculum focus trait. Recently, the children watched 'The Jungle Book'. They thought about the characters help us to understand what it means to be altruistic. This helped us to think about times that we have been selflessly kind. The review written by Klara (4ML) was selected as the 'Review of the Fortnight', check it out below!

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For our focus trait 'Trust',  all the classes had a go at telling us what trust is by writing an acrostic poem. Have look some of what was written...


Trust by 4ML


Be Truthful to gain people’s trust.

Responsible and reliable people are trustworthy people.

Use your brain when you are making promises. They are difficult to keep.

Stay away from people that you don’t trust.

Try to take responsibility for your actions .


Trust by 5HC


Trust is a connection that you have with your friends, family and teachers in your heart,

Rely on people that you know in person not online,

Understanding other people’s feelings that you are dealing with,

Secrets are never to be told unless they need to be shared to keep us safe,

Trust ourselves to make the right choices and trust our own abilities.


Trust by 3KJ


T ricky to earn but easy to lose

R ealise who it is you can trust

U nderstand how to gain someone’s trust

S how others you can be trusted by being a good friend

T ell the truth so people know that they can trust you


Even more exciting, 3KJ have been playing games that help to build trust. Look below to see how trust in our friends can help to get around an obstacle course with our eyes closed!
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Picture 2
Picture 3


Year 1 have been thinking about how to build up trust with another person. 1ER came up with these brilliant ideas...


1. Tell the truth


2. Keep their secrets


3. Always be kind


4. Be helpful


What fantastic advice from Year 1! Children and adults can use these tips to help them build trust in their relationships. Remember, this is not always as easy as it might seem!

What is Character Curriculum?

'Evidence suggests that character matters hugely for a variety of later life outcomes. It can help boost educational attainment and motivation to learn among young people, as well as facilitating positive later life outcomes, such as good mental well-being, positive health behaviours, and more success when finding career paths.'


As a school, we are committing to engage in and develop a sustainable and effective 'Character Curriculum' that will launch school wide in September 2016. During the development of this curriculum, some of our children will have opportunities to take part in activities aimed at specific character traits such as resilience, courage and motivation.


Currently, we have children taking part in 'Forest School' activities, a Photography focused activity and in March, our Year 5 children will be heading for the sky in a hot air balloon experience that will take place at the Forest Recreation Ground.



Up, Up and away!!! Thankfully, not too far awaysmiley. Our brave and courageous Year 5 children were the first in the City to put their nerves to the test during a 'Hot Air Balloon Experience' held at the Forest Recreation Ground. All children braved the fog and the dizzy heights! Well done to each and everyone of them.nono

What some of the Year 5 Children had to say about their Hot Air Balloon Experience...

Below are some of the pictures taken by our Photography group. They are documenting the change in landscape through the seasons.

Some of our Year 3 and Year 5 children involved in 'Forest School' activities

12.1.16 - Year 5 brave the elements during an orienteering activity at the Forest Recreation Ground

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