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Character Curriculum

Character Curriculum

This fortnight's trait is....




In our school, we know that it is extremely important to be trustworthy. This means taking up the challenge of being honest and reliable in all parts of our lives.


Being trustworthy ourselves can help us to build trusting friendships with others.




To help us better understand trust, this fortnight we will think about questions such as...


What does it mean for a person to be trustworthy?


How can I decide who to trust? Will how they look be a helpful guide?


How can we build trusting friendships?


Can we ever rebuild trust that has been broken? How important is forgiveness?




Check out the video below to see  a short explanation of what it means to be trustworthy...


In this clip from 'Finding Nemo', Marlin has to trust his friend Dory and take a 'leap of faith'.


What do you think would have happened to Marlin if he hadn't trusted Dory?


What would the world be like if no one ever took a 'leap of faith' by showing trust in another person?

Leap of Faith

Last half term, we celebrated Inclusion.

Check out the amazing poem 3LM created for their assembly!

Inclusion Poem by 3LM

Every fortnight, our Into Film club watches a film linked to the Trait of the Fortnight. The children discuss the film and their own thoughts about it. Recently, Into Film club watched a film called 'Wadja' about a young girl growing up in Saudi Arabia. The children thought about how this inspirational girl developed self-awareness through her experiences in the film. Klara (5HD) wrote the winning review, check it out below! 


Picture 1

Check out the Into Film club page by clicking the link below...

What is Character Curriculum?

'Evidence suggests that character matters hugely for a variety of later life outcomes. It can help boost educational attainment and motivation to learn among young people, as well as facilitating positive later life outcomes, such as good mental well-being, positive health behaviours, and more success when finding career paths.'


As a school, we are committing to engage in and develop a sustainable and effective 'Character Curriculum' that launched school wide in September 2016. Throughout the school year we aim to provide a range of opportunities for all the children to build skills in areas such as courage, self-awareness, resilience and altruism.



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**** Its official we are a good school. “This school continues to be good”, “Forest Fields is a big school with an even bigger heart” - Ofsted Inspection feedback 19th July 2018. A copy of the full Ofsted short inspection feedback is on our website on our Latest News page; see the News and Events section. ****