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Year 1 trip to the Arboretum!


This term year 1 went on a fantastic trip to the Arboretum. We did lots of great activities including, a fungus hunt, leaf and bark art, a tree hunt and we collected some fascinating autumn treasures.


This trip has really helped us with our science work this term as we have been learning about the seasons and evergreen and deciduous trees.


A big thank-you to all the parent helpers who came on our trip!

Year 1 trip to Sherwood Forest

on Friday 24th March, Year 1 went to Sherwood Forest as part of our Robin Hood topic.

Our first activity was Den-building. We worked in small groups to make dens to hide from the Sheriff of Nottingham! We had to work together to build them carefully. Here is a picture:


Then we went on a walk around the Forest and ended up at the Major Oak, the oldest tree in England. We found lots of other interesting trees though, including ones that were hollow inside so we could actually go inside the trees! Another exciting part of our trip were some tiny Fairy Houses. People had put coins into the grooves of the houses to give them good luck.



Finally, we enjoyed Orienteering where we had to explore different parts of the visitors centre in small teams.


We loved our visit to Sherwood Forest and Robert the Ranger, who led us around and told us special stories, told us he always looks forward to Forest Fields visiting because he knows how well behaved and respectful we all are!

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Breaking News! Book Fair on this week in school. We're doing lots of reading activities including book fair after school, book swops and competitions. READING MAKES YOUR WORLD BIG! GOOD NEWS! Book Start - This year is their 25th Anniversary and they have decided to present an award to the person who has promoted the reading of books through Book Start most effectively. We are winners! Well done to Mrs Khan and the Nursery team.