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Last week you learnt about African elephants and reports. Your challenge this week is to write a report about a different African animal. There are some facts and websites you can use below. 

Elephant explorers

We are learning more about elephants this week.  There is lots of interesting information below to help you learn all about elephants. Remember to Friends, Fred, Read if you get to any words you find tricky. 


FRIENDS - spot the special friends

FRED - Fredtalk the word

READ - Read the word 


Read it with a grown-up two or three times.  This will really help you to understand all the fantastic facts you are going to find out. 

11.5.20 What do we know about elephants?

Here is an information text all about elephants for you to read...

Now can you answer these questions about elephants? You could write the answers down or tell someone in your family...

Can you use Miss Catton's story map to tell someone in your family all about elephants?

4.5.20 Facts about elephants - click on the picture to make it bigger!

Now use all the fantastic facts you have learned to write some sentences about elephants. You can use a table like this if you like...


All animals have needs, just like humans.

The five basic needs of all animals are sunlight, water, air, food and habitat.


Using the websites below, find out about an animal's needs. This could be an animal that you know well; a pet or a friendly garden snail.  Or you could try something completely different. Perhaps you want to find out exactly how much an African elephant eats?


Find out what your animal eats, or its prey.

Find out where your animal finds shelter or what it uses to protect himself.

Find out where it lives to breathe oxygen.

Find out how your animal gets the water it needs to survive.


You could use the table as a guide if you like. 

Here are some websites to help you find out more about all sorts of animals!

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