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April 2022: KISHORI AMONKAR (Classical Indian Vocalist) Born 1932, Died 2017



Featuring Musician of the Month:


Kishori Amonkar


enlightenedKishori was born in Bombay (now Mumbai), India

enlightened She played the swarmandal – An Indian harp with up to 40 strings which are plucked. 

enlightened She lost her voice completely for two years in the middle of her career!


click on the image to start the assembly video!

heartSongs of the Monthheart

Listen to all of them and have a think about the musical elements:


Sahelare Aa Mil Gae - Bhoop Drut

Nainan Neer Bahe

Raga Gunkali: Drut Khyal in Raga Gunkali

Vidushi Kishori Amonkar - Bengal Classical Music Festival 2014

heartFurther Studyheart


Learn all about the swarmandal - the instrument played by Kishori Amonkar



THE SWARMANDAL - Richard Harvey

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