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You can send pictures of your art work to us at;

Remember to include your name and class.  We can't wait to see what you are making at home!

Eric Carle Art

In our first workbook we looked at creating art in the style of Eric Carle. Here our some wonderful examples of what you created!


Don't worry if you haven't had a chance to complete yours yet. Here are the instructions again below. Remember you can use whatever you have at home so you might paint or use pencils.

PPPPPPPick up a penguin!


Make some cute penguin friends using the video below!

Egg carton penguin.mp4

Still image for this video

The Rainbow Fish

Listen to the story of The Rainbow Fish. Look at his beautiful scales!

Can you make a picture of Rainbow Fish?  You could use whatever you can find at home - crayons, paint, coloured paper, a paper plate or even an old CD!  Make sure you ask your grown up before you take anything. wink
A paper plate with paint and sticking.
Print the scales with celery or a cotton bud.
Stick on coloured paper and tin foil.
Decorate an old CD.
Here is a step by step guide to drawing a fish...

Make your own under the sea world!

Can you make your own under the sea world?  You could use a cereal box or a shoe box.  Then think about the sea creatures who will live there.  What could you make them with?

Under the sea paintings

Look at these beautiful paintings.  They are really easy to do but the end result is fantastic!  This is a Science lesson and an Art lesson too.  The method used is called resistance.  Here are the steps you need to follow...

1. Use WAX crayons to draw your under the sea creatures.  You could add other things too, such as a treasure chest, a submarine, a mermaid or some seaweed.  Whatever you would like to see if you travelled under the sea!  Make sure you use WAX crayons - chalk or coloured pencil won't work.

2. Use watery blue paint to paint over the top of your picture.  You will need plenty of water on your brush and just a little bit of paint.  You create a blue 'wash' by painting all over the paper, even on top of your crayon drawings.  This is where the Science happens!  The wax in the crayons resists the water so the paint can't stick!  So your crayon pictures will still show through.

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