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Character Curriculum

A Story about Resilience 


Our children were asked to think about the trait 'Resilience' and then with the backing of Nottingham Trent University, we set up a House competition to eventually find 5 winners.


How resilient are you? Tricky question and if we thought of an answer would we naturally be able to put it into words?

Well that is what happened at Forest Fields Primary School.


Children from Year 2 to Year 6 were asked to write their own stories about “resilience”

What did it mean to them? What does resilience actually look like? How could the trait of resilience be described in a story?

Each and every day the pupils at Forest Fields are taught how important it is to develop their character. To be able to cope with what life throws at you is very important. The earlier we can learn about that the better. The government has very recently acknowledged how important this part of the national curriculum is. How do you cope with bullying, loss, disappointment and even accolade (swot!) It’s not easy, but writing about it is certainly a way to demonstrate you get it!

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Here are our 5 amazing winners! Their stories will follow very soon...

Character Curriculum

This fortnight's trait is....




**a reason for acting or behaving in a particular way**

**the desire or willingness to do something**








A young girl is faced with the difficult task of helping a tiny boy pilot fly home before it's too late! Will she give up? Or will she have the motivation to see the challenge through to the end?

Our school has been getting creative through poetry! We have been working on a 'Poetry Challenge' where each class were set the task of writing a verse in the style of 'Our Nottingham Things.' Our aim is to produce a Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 poem about our school/community and then perform as a Key Stage! Keep a look out for this recording on the school website in the near future!

Last half term, we celebrated Inclusion.

Check out the amazing poem 3LM created for their assembly!

Inclusion Poem by 3LM

Check out the Into Film club page by clicking the link below...

What is Character Curriculum?

'Evidence suggests that character matters hugely for a variety of later life outcomes. It can help boost educational attainment and motivation to learn among young people, as well as facilitating positive later life outcomes, such as good mental well-being, positive health behaviours, and more success when finding career paths.'


As a school, we are committing to engage in and develop a sustainable and effective 'Character Curriculum' that launched school wide in September 2016. Throughout the school year we aim to provide a range of opportunities for all the children to build skills in areas such as courage, self-awareness, resilience and altruism.



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