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Marvellous Maths



Last half-term we learnt lots about place value. This means understanding the value of numbers, putting them in order and recognising tens and ones.

Practice counting in steps of 1, 2, 5 and 10. What do you notice about the numbers you say?

Remember to try counting from different numbers not just 0!

Can you try counting backwards too?


Here are some games that will help you with your place value skills:


Can you make your own 10s and 1s?

What could you use? 

Look at the pictures below for some ideas. 

Have a game of Hoopla!

Watch the video below to show you how to play Hoopla with tens and ones!  You will need to make a hoop, or two if you are playing with someone else and use the 10s and 1s you have already made. Take turns to throw your hoop and see how many tens and ones you get.  Have another turn - can you add your points together?

Ten pin bowling!

Here is a fun game to play inside or outside. Collect some empty cardboard rolls.  Write 10 on the long ones and 1 on the short ones.  Stand them up in a triangle shape.  Then get a ball and roll it across the floor - if you haven't got a ball, you could roll up a pair of socks!

Which numbers did you knock down?  How many tens?  How many ones?

What number does it make altogether?


This half-term we are focusing on our addition and subtraction skills.

                  +      add, plus, more, total, all together

                  -      minus, subtract, take away, less

                  =      equals, the same as


We have been thinking about our number bonds to 10 and using these to help us solve bonds to 20 and 100.

Practice your bonds with this marching song:

5 and 5 add up to 10

6 and 4 make it again

7 and 3 will also do

Look, look, look at 8 and 2

9 and 1, 0 and 10

That's the ways of making 10!


Can you find the missing number for these calculations?


6 + ___ = 10                 10 = ___ + 5                  10 - 9 = ___                   


16 + ___ = 20               20 = ___ + 5                 20 - 19 = ___                


60 + ___ = 100            100 = ____ + 50            100 - 90 = ____             


Here is a game to help you with your bonds to 10:


We have also been looking closely at fact families and how knowing one number fact can help us to know more.

If I know 7 + 1 = 8, then I also know, 1 + 7 = 8 , 8 - 7 = 1 and 8 - 1 = 7.

What do you notice about the numbers in the calculation?

Here is a game to help you with fact families:


*Remember - when we add the answer gets bigger and we always take away from the biggest number!

Here are some addition and subtraction games for you to play to help develop your maths skills:
                                         Addition and subtraction challenges

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