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Musician of the Month



It's vocal powerhouse, Freddie Mercury, known as lead singer of Queen! 

Click on the images to hear some of his songs - prepared to be AMAZED!

Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody




Queen - Don't Stop Me Now




Queen - Radio Gaga




Queen - The Show Must Go On




Queen - At 'LIVE AID' (1985)




It's incredible Icelandic musician, Björk! 

You'll be learning all about this amazing artist in your classes - but here are some of her videos so you can have a sing and a dance at home with your families! 

Björk - It's Oh So Quiet

Check out those surprisingly dramatic dynamics!

Björk - Hyperballad (live)

Live at Royal Opera House - Amazing costumes!

Björk - Jóga

The video was directed by famous film director, Michel Gondry - cinematic!

Björk - Earth Intruders

Maybe you can recreate the amazing rhythms in this song using Drumbit app!

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