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22.6.20 - Fractions

This week we are learning about fractions. A fraction is shown using two digits, the top digit is the numerator which shows how many parts are counted. The bottom digit, is the denominator which tells us how many parts the whole is shared into.


Choose an object from your house that you have more than one of. Maybe shoes, teddies, coins...

Now share this in half *Remember this means 2 equal groups. Can you share all the amounts equally?


The video below is a great one to help support you with halving! All you will need is two 10 frames and number cards 1-20 which you can make yourself at home.
Fraction games

Halving is the inverse (opposite) of doubling.

         Half of 6 = 3             Double 3 = 6


Can you create your own double ladybirds like in the picture? Or maybe you will create a butterfly or a different animal.

*Remember there needs to be 2 equal groups.

15.6.20 - Shape

This week we are learning all about shape.  Here are some reminders and activities to help you get started.  Let's start with 2D shape.  Have a look at these shapes and their properties... (You can click on each shape to make it bigger.)

Now let's look at the 3D shapes...

Let's go on a shape hunt! What 2D and 3D shapes can you find in your house?

Can you make some 2D and 3D shapes of your own? Look carefully at their properties to make sure your shape is spot on!

Lolly sticks
Spaghetti and marshmallows
Straws and playdough
Twigs from the garden or the park!
Shape games to play...

8.6.20 Directions

This week we are learning about directions. Look at the picture below. Talk about it with your grown-up, and practice turning and moving in different directions. Get your toys involved. 

Can your Teddy make a full turn?

Can your dinosaur take three steps to the left?

Can your car make a quarter-turn clockwise?

Have a go at these direction activities.

Ready for a game? Do you know your left from your right?  Play this game to help Peg and some pesky pirates find their yummy treasure!


This week we are learning all about position.  Using position words help us to describe where something is.  There are lots of activities in the workbook and there are some other things to try here.

Look at each word and picture carefully.  Read them to a grown up if you can.
Practise using your position words in this extra special game of 'hide and seek'.


Your Maths focus this week is Measuring. Use the workbooks to support your learning.

You can practice measuring at home using a ruler or using the game below. Remember to always start at 0!


Have a go at these Maths Problems of the Day!

Try these challenges below. Can you solve which are right? Explain your answer.

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