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Here's a fun quiz for you to try. You can do it on your own or with your family. 

Can you answer all the questions?

Now you can make your own quiz to test you family or you could send it to us and test you teachers! You can send anything to

Animal antics!

We can't go on a trip to the zoo to meet the African animals... so how about having an animal come to 'visit' you at home?

  1. Go to on your phone or tablet.
  2. Type in the name of the animal you would like to see. (Not all animals work but here are some that do work - alligator, cheetah, eagle, leopard, lion, macaw, shark, snake.)
  3. Scroll down to where it says 'meet a life size...' and press the 'view in 3D' button.
  4. Move your phone around slowly and see what happens!  Can you make your animal sit on a chair?  Or can you get someone in your family to stroke it or feed it?
Go to and type in an animal.
Click 'view in 3D'
Look who sneaked on to Mrs. O'Regan's sofa!

Creative fun!

Have you got a spare cardboard tube at home?  Can you turn it in to an animal?  You could use pens, paper, paint, fabric - anything you can think of but ask an adult first!  Ask an adult to keep an eye on you while you are cutting out...
Home is where the 'Art' is

Let’s brighten up our streets and communities while we are at home.  Draw/paint/collage a picture and stick it in your front room or front bedroom window for everyone to see. 


It will give us something to look at and talk about if we are able to go out for a walk. Your neighbours will have something cheerful to see from their windows.  Hopefully it will create some smiles. smileysmileysmiley

If you like Lego, you will love these fun ideas to keep you busy!

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Re-Opening of school to all year groups - Thursday 3rd September. Details and Risk Assessment can be found under 'Parents' - Key information packs were posted out during the last week in July. Please read them carefully. We look forward to all our children joining us again next month **** **** Need advice about your child’s health and wellbeing in these unsettling times, Nottingham CityCare’s Text Health service is available for parents/carers of 0-19 year olds to text a school nurse or health visitor. Just text us on 07480 635002 and we’ll reply back **** Please see information about school closure and key workers guidance on our website. See our Newsletters page under the "News and Events" tab and Key Worker Information under the "Parents" tab for updates. **** We will now start all text messages with FFPS (Forest Fields Primary School). Please look out for update text messages starting FFPS. ****