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Summer 1 - week 3


This week we are learning the sounds in the 'ee' family.


ee what can you see

ea cup of tea. 


Can you read these words?




Paddington Bear has sent year 1 a letter telling us all about his life with the Brown family.


 Dear year 1,


I am having such a good time living with the Brown family. Yesterday I played a game called football with Judy and Johnathan. I wasn’t very good at it at first but then Johnathan taught me how to kick the ball. I got really good at it until I accidently kicked the ball into Mrs Brown’s flower pot! It smashed into lots of pieces and she was very cross. I said sorry and tried to stick t back together with glue but I got in a big mess when the glue got stuck in my fur! Judy helped me fix the plant pot and Mrs Brown loved it. Then Mr Brown said I needed to go in the bath to wash the glue out of my fur. I’m getting really good at baths now! What have you been doing at home with your family? Please write to me soon.


From Paddington Bear.


Why don't you tell a family member all about your day this evening. Or perhaps you could draw pictures to show what you have been doing today. You could even have a go at writing down all the things you have done today. You could either use blank paper or print the writing frame below. Remember you can choose whether you tell, draw or write about your day.



This week we are learning to divide objects into equal groups.

Here we have divided 12 daisies into 4 groups, so the number sentence is 12 ÷ 4 = 3


Could you draw and colour in your favourite objects and then group them?  You could draw cars, fairies, dinosaurs or animals smiley Don't forget to write the number sentence!


These puppies need some help with sharing their bones, can you help?

On this site, Gordon needs help sharing different objects.  Click onto the "no remainders" objects and give Gordon a hand.

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