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Summer 1- week 4


This week we are learning all about the ‘igh’ family.


igh- fly high  


i-e- nice smile


ie- terrible tie


Have a go at reading the interactive story below. There are lots of 'i-e' sounds in this story. If you are not sure of a word, click on it and the game will help you sound it out.



Paddington Bear has made his own diary to show you what he has been doing last week at home. Click on the link below and see what Paddington has been up to.




 A diary is a great way to help us remember the things we have done. What have you been doing at home? Why don’t you make your own diary this week? You can either take photographs or draw pictures. Tell someone in your family all about your day. If you want, you could write some labels to describe the different activities you have done. You can use the diary frame provided or you can make your own. Remember the most important thing to do is talk to your family about your day, and don’t forget to ask your family what they have been doing today.


This week we are looking at fractions and finding half of an object.

Imagine a banana..........

Imagine Mrs Bright having a bite.............

Mrs Bright has eaten half!


Can you find half of some objects in your house or garden?


Why not try these games to help with fractions - finding half?





This week we are learning about the differences between physical (natural) and human (manmade) features. Here’s a photo from Notting Hill, where Paddington lives. I can see branches, which are a natural feature and cars, which are manmade features. What kinds of natural or manmade features can you see?


Talk to your family about whether there are more manmade or natural features in Notting Hill.


Paddington has sent us another email from Notting Hill. Read the email, or ask your family to read it for you, then try out one, two or all of the activities below.



Dear Children, 

This week, it has been raining most days so I’ve enjoyed going outside in the garden and splashing in puddles, do you like jumping in puddles too? When I was tidying up the garden with Mr Brown, I found a pine cone, a peg, a leaf and a plastic bottle. I sorted them into those that were made with natural and manmade materials.

Natural                                                      Manmade


What items can you find, when you help tidy up your home or garden? Which ones do you think are natural and which ones are manmade?

Best wishes from Paddington Bear



Activity 1 – Why not help your family tidy up your garden, back yard or house. Safely pick up items that are either natural or manmade. Like Paddington, can you sort them into physical or human materials? 


Activity 2 - With the items, try to make something out of them. For example, you might find a cardboard box which you could build / craft with or create an animal from a pinecone and other natural materials.  


Activity 3 – Colour in the picture of Paddington jumping in puddles. Can you draw some natural features around him? A bigger version of the colouring page is on the geography workbook, which is attached below.


You are welcome to print the attached.

Religious Education


This week we are learning about Ramadan, which is a religious festival celebrated by Muslims.


Ramadan is celebrated in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar.  One of the five pillars of Islam is called Sawm, which relates to Muslims fasting during the month of Ramadan. In 2020 Ramadan begins on the 24th April and ends on the 23rd May. During this time, adult Muslims are required to fast during daylight hours, which means that they do not eat or drink between dawn and dusk. When Ramadan is over, Muslims have a three-day celebration called Eid al-Fitr, or “festival of the breaking of the fast”. People come together to eat, enjoy time with family and friends and exchange gifts.


Choose one, two or all three of these activities to complete.


Activity 1 – What do you know about Ramadan?

Talk to your family about what you have learnt about Ramadan.  Using the information above, can you think of any questions that you could ask about the festival? For example, you could ask, when do adults eat during Ramadan? Practice asking the questions with your family.


Activity 2 – Fill in the gaps with this quiz, using the key words?







  1. Followers of Islam are called ________________ .
  2. Muslims read the ______________, which is their Holy Book.
  3. Muslims believe there is one true God named ______________ .
  4. _______________ is a religious festival celebrated by Muslims.
  5. During Ramadan, adult Muslims ______________ during daylight hours.


Activity 3 – Complete these Ramadan colouring pages


RE - Please print for colouring pages

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