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Summer 1 - week 5



This week we are learning the sounds in the 'ow' family.


ow- blow the snow


oa- goat in a boat


o-e phone home


Have a go at the phonic games below.



Please see the link below to find out what the literacy challenge is this week.


I am really impressed with the children that have completed the tasks on Mathletics, well done!

Here is the link again, you will find there are some new challenges.


Fractions again this week smiley

We are looking at quarters which is one equal part of four 1/4

Mrs Bright has made some cookies.

Mrs Bright wanted to share so she has cut them into 4 equal parts......

One quarter was left =  1/4

This is a demonstration of finding quarters


Try this interactive game for halves and quarters



Science - Seasons


Haven’t we had some beautiful spring weather, whilst schools have been closed! We have also had showers and some colder days too. June is the start of summer. Talk to your family about what weather you normally expect in the summer.


The blossom we saw in early spring has been replaced by leaves and flowers. There are also plenty of butterflies, birds and bees flying around.  Which creatures have you spotted, when you’ve been outside?


Choose one, two or all of the activities.


Activity 1 – Sing the Seasons song to ‘If you’re happy and you know it …’. Can you do the actions too?


Activity 2 – Draw and label the four seasons.


Fold an A4 piece of paper twice and draw lines along the folds, to make four boxes. Label the boxes Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, then draw a picture of what you think each one looks like and colour them in. You could also add labels or write a sentence about each season, if you wanted to. Here’s an example from Mrs Jones:

Activity 3 - Try the spring and summer word searches on the attached document.

PSHE - Respecting Others.

Open the attached and, for Activity 3, print off the colouring sheets.

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