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Summer 2 Week 1



This week we will be thinking about the "oo" family.


Click on the link below to see the sounds in the "oo" family.

Sound cards

Phonics play is a great website with fun phonics games to help with reading and spelling. Due to the current situation they have made access to their website free.


You can now log in using these details:


username: march20

password: home


Click on the link below to access some great resources.



This term we are starting our new topic- “The aliens have landed.” We will be reading stories and poems about aliens and learning all about space!



This week we will be learning some of the new vocabulary we will need to know for our topic. Click on the link below to and ask a grownup to help you read the definitions.


This week we are going to talk about direction.  Take a walk with someone in your house, garden or the park.


1.Take 3 steps right. Where are you?
2.Take 1 step right and 2 steps forward. Where are you?
3.Take 2 steps right and 1 step forward. Where are you?
4.Take 2 steps right and 4 steps forward. Where are you?
5.Take 2 steps right. 3 steps forward and 1 step right. Where are you?
6.Take 2 steps right, 4 steps forward and 2 steps right. Where are you?




Try this, give someone instructions to get to these places…


1.The party
2.The bus stop
3.The beach

Remember, you can’t go through the aliens!



Have you ever met or seen an alien? What did your alien look like? Did it have eyes or any other features? Was it a friendly alien or unkind? Talk to your family about what your alien would look like. Then find some paper and pencils to draw your alien.

Here are some examples to help with ideas.

You could also make some alien puppets to play with. 

You will need:

  • paper, 
  • pencils/pens, 
  • scissors,
  • lolly sticks and 
  • tape.  

Once you’ve drawn an alien, use scissors to cut it out and glue / tape onto the lolly stick. Use them to play with.  What adventures could the aliens go on?




We hope that you’ve been keeping active over the past few months.

Here’s a challenge that you can set yourself this week.

It’s the ABC Daily Fitness Challenge!



Jump up and down x10


Run on the spot for 15 seconds


Hop on right foot x10


Hop on left foot x10


Hop on left foot x10


Do 10 push ups 


Do 10 Jumping Jacks


Walk like a bear for the count of 5


Jump like a frog x 10


Pretend to ride a horse for the count of 15


Balance on your left foot for count of 10


Try to touch the clouds for a count of 10


Balance on your right foot for the count of 10


Crawl like a crab for the count of 10


March on the spot for the count of 10


Sit against a wall for the count of 10


Skip around the room / garden for 30 seconds


Do 10 squats


Walk backwards for the count of 10, skip back.


Do 10 sides kicks


Walk sideways for the count of 10, hop back


Do 10 lunges


Crawl like a crab for the count of 10


Do 10 pelvic tilts


High knees for 30 seconds


Run up and down for 30 seconds


Spell the days of the week, by doing the exercises each day. 


For example, on Monday:


M = High knees for 30 seconds.

O = Hop on left foot 10 times.

N = Run on the spot for 15 seconds.

D = Do 10 Jumping Jacks.

A = Jump up and down 10 times.

Y = Do 10 pelvic tilts.




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