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Thursday 18th June


Religious Education - Mosques


Mosques are a place of worship for Muslims. The mosque is a place to gather for prayers, to study, to celebrate festivals such as Ramadan, hold funeral services, marriage and business agreements and much more. Mosques usually contain a mihrab which is an ornamental (decorative) niche (recess) in the wall pointing in the direction of Mecca. The Minbar is a pulpit from which the Friday sermon is delivered. Mosques have washrooms which is a place where worshippers can cleanse themselves before prayers (before facing Allah). Mosques have prayer mats placed in between the ground and the worshipper for cleanliness. On the walls may be an image of a crescent (moon) and a star which has become a symbol of Islam.

Activity – Have a look at this picture, of the inside of a mosque. Can you see any of the features that are in bold, such as Mihrabprayer mats, washrooms and crescent and a star? Talk to your family about where they are and colour in the picture. Extension - can you label the picture?

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