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Number Fluency

This game will help you practice your number fluency. All you need is 2 players and some paper (or post-it notes).


Write a number on the paper and put it on your partners head or behind their back. Make sure they don't see what it is. Now give them clues - the number is odd/even, it is less/more than ____, if you add ___ + ___ together you will get this number.

Can your partner guess the number you have written?

Now swap round and it's your turn to guess.

15.6.20 - Speedy Sums!

As well as being able to work sums out using a pencil and paper, it is really important to be able to work some sums out in our heads.  This game is called 'Hit the Button'.  Some of you will have played it in class before.  It is great for practising 'rapid recall' - where you try to remember to answers to calculations without having to do much counting or working out.  Start with the smaller numbers, then work your way up as you get quicker and more confident!  Click on the link below to have a go...

8.6.20 - Let's practice addition!

Addition is important in all areas of maths so if you still have your tens and ones you can use them to help you.  Otherwise, make some using the pictures below...and let's get started. 

Ten more and ten less

Get counting in tens, use these number tracks to warm up your brain...



With your tens and ones find ten less and ten more.  Use this grid to help you. 


Now, have a look at this example. 

Now it's your turn.  Take your time and use your tens and ones to help you. Ask your grown-up or an older brother or sister to check your answers. Have fun!

25 + 10 =

54 + 20 =

36 + 40 =

30 + 65 =

50 + 26 =

45 + ___ =

33 + ___ = 63 

___ + 42 = 92 

___ + 61 = 81 

___ + 22 = 72


Don't forget to use your Mathletics login for lots more arithmetic practice !


1.6.20 - Let's practise place value!

In Year 2, we spend a lot of time learning about place value (tens and ones).  This is a really important skill as it helps with all areas of learning in Maths, throughout primary school.  Here are some games and activities to help you practise your tens and ones!

This is a great game to help you practise your place value.  Make sure you count carefully or the shark will bite your boat!


Have a game of Hoopla!

Watch the video below to show you how to play Hoopla with tens and ones!  You will need to make a hoop, or two if you are playing with someone else.  Have a look around your house for something you could use as tens and ones... what could you use?  Maybe you have got lots of 10p and 1p coins?  Look at the photos below for ideas.  Take turns to throw your hoop and see how many tens and ones you get.  Have another turn - can you add your points together?

This is what we use for tens and ones in school...
What could you find at home that you could use?
Look in the hoop! How many tens? How many ones?

Ten pin bowling!

Here is a fun game to play inside or outside... Collect some empty cardboard rolls.  Write 10 on the long ones and 1 on the short ones.  Stand them up in a triangle shape.  Then get a ball and roll it across the floor - if you haven't got a ball, you could roll up a pair of socks!

Which numbers did you knock down?  How many tens?  How many ones?

What number does it make altogether?

Stand your tubes up and get ready to roll!
10 + 10 + 1 + 1 = 22 points!

Place value basketball!

Here is a fun game to practise your place value skills. 

Count up the tens and ones then choose the right basketball to go in the hoop. 

Now try it with hundreds too!

Click here to play -



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