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Wednesday 17th June


How fast can you read these speedy words? 









What do you think happened to the aliens and their spaceship? How did they crash on our school playground? Did something in the spaceship break? Did the aliens get lost? Were the aliens going too fast and ended up crashing? Or did something else happen? Tell a grown up your ideas or create a story map with pictures to show what happened (on a blank piece of paper). You can have a go at writing captions and labels for your story map. 

Design and Technology – Making spaceships.


Last week you designed your spaceship. Now is your chance to make your spaceship. You will need:

  • Recycled objects i.e. tubes, bottles and trays.
  • Scissors and glue, with help from an adult.


Think about the best way to attach the objects together. You may need to cut a circle in plastic to push a tube in place. Or, you may wish to glue a tray on top of a box. See the attached for some ideas / examples.


Next week you will be decorating your spaceships. So for now, leave them to dry and, if you’re going to a shop, search out some craft supplies, such as paint, fabric and paper.

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