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Year 6 Music Lessons - Spring Term 2021

Weekly Music Lessons

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Week beginning 25th January 2021

Key Stage 2, Music - Rhythm 1

Lesson 3 : Reading simple rhythms

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Challenge Time!

Now that you know Ta (1 Beat), Ta-ah (2 beats), Ti-ti (two half beats) and Ti-ka-ti-ka (four quarter beats) - write your own rhythm! Or if you can use the Drumbit app - download your rhythms and email them to Miss Cawley using your class email.


Bonus Challenge!

Take a listen to our Musician of the Month - Freddie Mercury 

Click Here

Choose your favourite of the songs you've heard so far.

Why do you like it? Use your Inter-related Dimensions of Music to describe!

If you've forgotten... Rhythm, Pulse, Pitch, Dynamics, Tempo, Structure, Texture, Notation

Link to the BBC cartoons here!


Don't forget to email your work to your class email!



If you missed them or want to have another look...


Lesson 1 : Understanding Pulse and Rhythm

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Lesson 2 : Understanding Basic Notation

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