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Year 4

Interesting Facts for those travelling to Boggle Hole

24th February 2017

What do you know about the Anglo Saxons?



We are learning about these fearsome warriors in Year 4 right now.


Here are some handy videos for your research!

First News 17.02.17

Terrific Scientific!


Make your own virtual circuit!


Can you make the bulb light up?mail

23rd January 2017


Welcome back everyone!


We have been learning all about what happened in our country and across the world during World War 2. It is fascinating but also very sad.



This week we will be learning about Judaism, the religion that was the foundation of Christianity and Islam. Here is a website to find some extra information!

18th December 2016

What do you know about World War 2?


After the Christmas Holidays we will be learning all about this important time in history in Year 4.


Do some research to prepare for our trip to Beaumanor Hall! (Click here!)

Marvellous Mathletics!


Have you been up for the Mathletics challenge? Use your log in details to access the website from home and collect points every time you complete a challenge!

Amazing Antarctica!


This half term in Year 4, we are learning about the second largest continent in the world and one which holds 90% of the ice on planet Earth- Antarctica.


There are amazing pictures and videos on this website. Be an explorer, go have a look!

In year 4, we've been making chapattis!

Some children have even tried out making them at home! So quick and easy!

Chapatti Making!

Chapatti Making! 1
Chapatti Making! 2
Chapatti Making! 3
Chapatti Making! 4
Chapatti Making! 5
Chapatti Making! 6
Chapatti Making! 7
Chapatti Making! 8
Chapatti Making! 9
Chapatti Making! 10
Chapatti Making! 11
Chapatti Making! 12

Check out mega Mumbai!


We have been learning all about India this half term and children have been working hard on their homework projects. (I think we have discovered some budding handbag fashion designers in 4CL!)


Mumbai is a bustling, beautiful and busy city in India. Take a look at these vibrant videos as an introduction!




Introduction to Mumbai Part 1 

Introduction to Mumbai Part 2

Autumn 1



This half term we will be learning all about India: the geography, food, art and religions.


In Literacy we will be studying stories from other cultures and non-chronological reports. We will be learning to use story structure, paragraphing and dialogue when looking at stories and headings and  bullet points, paragraphing and structure when looking at reports.


In Maths we will be learning about place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and area and will be learning different strategies to tackle more difficult calculations.


In Science we will be studying sound: how it travels, changing pitch and volume and measuring sound. This will be linked to our Music lessons. We are very excited about learning the violin, viola or cello!


In ICT we will be learning about the history of the computer and creating a quiz to test our friend's knowledge!


In R.E we will be learning about Hinduism and the role of St Theresa of Calcutta (Mother Theresa) and her charitable works.


In DT we will be making naan bread and cooking vegetable curry using spices and flavours traditional to India.


In Art we will be creating mango patterns and having a go at block printing.


Welcome to Year 4 smiley


Our teachers are Miss Cawley (4CL), Miss Radford (4JR)  Ms Marks (4ML) and Mrs Lowe (4ML and 4CL)

We will be supported by Ms Ghafoor, Mrs Wilson, Miss Amin and Mrs Iqbal.


P.E will be on a Thursday (4ML and 4JR) and Friday (4CL)


                Image result for PE kit


Please make sure that your child has their PE kit in school every week. They will need suitable trainers, as most of the time we will be outside.

Character Curriculum

This term has seen the launch of our new 'Character Curriculum'. It is designed to help the children  become more resilient in the challenges they face in school and enable them to develop strategies to deal with the emotions they encounter on a day to day basis. The teaching is being done through the film 'Inside Out' and the children will be encouraged to talk about their feelings and be given strategies to work together to solve problems. We are looking forward to seeing the children develop their resilience and problem solving skills.

Year 4 Academic Overview

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