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Welcome to Forest Fields Primary and Nursery School

Year 5



Welcome to Year 5!


Teaching in Year 5 are:

Miss Casey,Miss Jones and Ms Davies


Also supporting our learning in Year 5 are:

Miss Speers, Mrs Wilson, Mrs Iqbal, Mrs Jones and Mrs Khaliq






Can you believe it's summer?

We've had enough of the snow and are looking forward to a great summer term with lots of outdoor learning! 




This half term our topic is:


Round the World


Image result for round the world


 We are going to be looking at cultures and beliefs from all around the planet.  This half term has a particular focus on RE but we are also looking forward to doing some cooking, sharing some of the languages we speak and debating some of the big issues in the world today.


We will also be continuing our science work on forces






In Maths we are finishing off our work on fractions and decimals. We will then be starting our geometry topic including:


Identifying 3D shapes

Regular and irregular shapes

Properties of rectangles

Estimating and comparing angles

Drawing angles and measuring them in degrees

Finding missing angles

Reflecting and translating shapes



To support my learning, at home I should...


- Read regularly and discuss what I have read with another person

Please remember to record your reading in your reading diaries and get them signed each week. 


- Practise my times tables

Try and get your name on the list of Rock stars!


- Learn my spellings for a test at the end of each week




The Ancient Greek projects were a pleasure to watch and we are now thinking about what challenge we can set you for the Easter break!!

London Trip

London Trip  1
London Trip  2
London Trip  3
London Trip  4
London Trip  5
London Trip  6
London Trip  7
London Trip  8
London Trip  9
London Trip  10
London Trip  11
London Trip  12
London Trip  13
London Trip  14
London Trip  15
London Trip  16
London Trip  17
London Trip  18
London Trip  19
London Trip  20
London Trip  21
London Trip  22

Greek Cooking

Greek Cooking 1
Greek Cooking 2
Greek Cooking 3
Greek Cooking 4
Greek Cooking 5
Greek Cooking 6

Lion Learners Visit

Lion Learners Visit  1
Lion Learners Visit  2
Lion Learners Visit  3
Lion Learners Visit  4
Lion Learners Visit  5
Lion Learners Visit  6
Lion Learners Visit  7
Lion Learners Visit  8
Lion Learners Visit  9
Lion Learners Visit  10
Lion Learners Visit  11

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Welcome Back. We Hope you had a nice break over Easter. The Character Curriculum trait for this fortnight is Trust.