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Annual Forest Fields Music Day!

World Music Day 2023

Thursday, 22nd of June


From extra special music lessons and composer case studies to world class performances - we had a superb World Music Day at Forest Fields - the best one yet!


Our very special guest performers!

Still image for this video
This year, we welcomed Sami from Year 5 (tabla), his dad Munir (harmonium and vocals) and family friend, Jugnu (dholak) to our school for a very special World Music Day performance. All of our children from F2 to Year 6 got to experience this beautiful and emotional show.

This is one of our favourite songs at Forest Fields...

from Year 1 all the way to Year 6

So we're making it our official song of World Music Day 2023!

Berklee Indian Ensemble ft Shankar Mahadevan - 5 Peace Band (Live at Berklee)

The Berklee Indian Ensemble is delighted to present "5 Peace Band" featuring renowned Indian composer and vocalist, Shankar Mahadevan. Composed by John McLaughlin of Mahavishnu Orchestra.






World Music Day 2022

Thursday, 23rd of June


Music was wafting from every classroom, the playgrounds... every corner of our school. Have a look at what we got up to!

Athena made promotional posters for the event - what lovely artwork!

heartWorld Music Day 2021heart

Activities from Nursery to Year 6!


...and what a fantastic day we had! laugh


Have a look below to see what we got up to!

Thank you to Subhan in 5KS for this beautiful artwork!




What do we learn during our music lessons at Forest Fields?



Breathing Exercises!

Protecting our voices is very important



Did you know that your voice is your first instrument and using it can help you to learn about pitch, rhythm and performance. It can even help to spread joy and a sense of belonging!


Body Percussion!

Did you know that you can create entire pieces of music using just your body and voice?!


Musical Elements! 

If we understand what pitch, pulse and rhythm mean, we can use them in our compositions



There are many types of graphic and standard notation we can use to show off what we have composed


Musical Genres!

Do you know your Balinese Gamelan from your Beatbox?!


Listen & Respond!

There are many ways to respond to a piece of music - movement is a good start!


Let's Compose!

Lots of fun!



I bet you never knew how much talent we had in our Forest Fields Community! heart




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