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Week 6

Friday 12th February

Create your own story using the story cards. Which characters will be in your story? Where will it be set? What will the important item be? Draw a picture of your story, write some sentences, or verbally tell it to someone in your family.


You are going to write the ending of your story. How will your story resolve? Will there be a hero? Remember to keep checking your writing and reading it over. When you have finished your story, take a photo, and send it to me so that I can read it. I am really looking forward to reading it!


Thursday 11th February

Every story has a beginning, middle and end. The beginning introduces the main characters. The middle often has a problem and the ending is usually a resolution, how the problem is fixed. Can you sort the story cards into the correct story? Can you make your own silly stories by mixing up the parts of the story?


Today we are writing the middle of our story. Remember to read your writing from yesterday to check it and make sure the next part flows together. Use your plan to help you. What will go wrong in your story? What is the problem?

Wednesday 10th February

Today you are going to become capital letter and full stop experts! Can you complete the challenges in your workbook, just like yesterday? Write your own sentences about the traditional tale pictures, remembering to use your capital letter and full stop.

Use your wonderful character ideas and plan to write the beginning of the story. This is where you introduce your main characters. Who are they? Where are they and how are they feeling? Remember to use story language like ‘Once upon a time…’ and ‘One day…’

Tuesday 9th February

Today you are going to focus on capital letters and full stops. When do we need to use a capital letter? Look carefully at the sentences in your workbook, can you add the capital letter and full stops correctly? Now write your own sentences about the fairy tale pictures.

Today we are going to plan our own traditional tale. How exciting! You have already thought about the characters in your story, now I would like you to think about the setting, beginning, middle and end. What will happen in your story?

Monday 8th February

Today you are going to start thinking about writing your own traditional tale.  Today you are going to think of some good characters for your story.

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