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Week 2

Friday 15th January

Today we are going to remember our learning on ‘DOUBLES’.  Doubles are the same as adding the same number to itself like 3 + 3 = 6, or multiplying by 2 like  3 x 2 = 6

Thursday 14th January

Today you are going to use all of the skills you have learnt and practised doing multiplication and making arrays to solve some multiplication word problems.  Remember, always draw a picture to help you.



Wednesday 13th January

Today you are going to be drawing arrays.


Tuesday 12th January
Today we are going to continue learning about 'Arrays' but this time you are going to see what arrays you can find around your house.  Watch Mrs Dhillon's video to see the arrays she found, mainly in her kitchen!

Monday 11.1.21

Tricky activity

Let's continue to practice the skills we started learning last week.


Then complete the repeated addition challenges.

Trickier activity

First start by practicing your skills you learnt last week about repeated addition.


Then watch your Monday lesson about arrays and complete the maths task.

Watch you lesson here:

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