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Week 1

Friday 8.1.21

Friday's English lesson is about writing sentences using and. 

Can you use your adjectives from your last lesson to create sentences about the Little Red Riding Hood characters?

Watch you lesson here:

Try write lots of sentences joining 2 adjectives using and. For an extra challenge write a sentence with 3 adjectives, remember you will need to use a comma.

Thursday 7.1.21

Your Thursday English lesson is all about adjectives. An adjective is a describing word.

Watch you lesson here:

Now write adjectives for each of the Little Red Riding Hood characters.

Wednesday 5.1.21

Here is your English lesson for today. You will be looking closely at the story Little Red Riding Hood and answering lots of comprehension questions. If your workbook has arrived, you will be able to find the story and questions inside. If not just answer your questions on a piece of paper or tell them to a grown up. 

You can watch your lesson here: 

Tuesday 5.1.21

Yesterday, we learnt lots of new words that would be in our story. Can you remember them? What did you predict the story would be about?

Today we are going to read our new story. Listen carefully as Miss Catton reads it and see if you can spot our new vocab.

Watch the video lesson here:

Now you have watched the video, create your own emotion trail for Little Red Riding Hood. How did she feel during the story? Do her feelings change? Add words to your trail to describe her feelings.

Monday 4.1.21

Today's English challenge is all about our story vocabulary. Watch the video of Miss Catton introducing our story words here:

Repeat the words lots of times, put them in a sentence and explain them to someone in your family.

Once you are confident with our story words, draw a picture of what you predict  the story might be about.


Who might live in the cottage?

Will the brussel sprouts be eaten? If so will the character enjoy them?

Why might someone move as quick as a flash?

Here is a powerpoint with our new vocab to help you learn the new words and phrases.

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