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Thursday 4th February

We must be getting really bored of being stuck in at home, least of all because we are not getting any good exercise through walking.  However, you can still travels the world by going on 'virtual' walks or hikes.  Follow the link and find a place you would like to explore and go on a hike from your own home.  Why not try and walk or run along an dsee some of the most fabulous places around the world!

February 2nd February

Smiling is really important for our health, as well as being a nice thing to do, and to receive from others.  How many times a day do you smile at others?  How many times a day has someone given you a nice, friendly smile?  How did it make you feel?  Let's do lots of smiling this week to improve our wellbeing during these difficult times....

The work you have been set has been created to keep you busy and help you learn while at home.

We know that it might be tricky to complete all the activities and you may finish work much quicker while you at home so remember to fill your day with lots of other fun activities too!

Here are a few ideas for you:

Can you create your own game? You could recycle some of your things at home to help you make one.

Here are some ideas:

Go on a scavenger hunt! Can you find all the things in the hunts below?

Hansel and Gretel Fun

Make a witches hat!

You will need:

       - some black paper (or any colour that you would like your hat to be)

       - scissors



1.  Create a cone shape with your black paper.


2.  Cut short fringes about 2cm apart. 

Make sure you don't cut them too long.


3.  Carefully fold the fringes up.


4.  Use your cone shape to measure and cut a base for your hat.


5.  Glue your circle and cone carefully together.


6.  Finally decorate your witches hat.


Witchy cooking

Imagine you are the witch. What would you cook to fatten Hansel up?

Practice making some new recipes with your grown-up.

Here is a recipe to make fresh bread that you might want to try.


Witches House

The witches house is made of sweets and biscuits.

Can you design your own witches house? You could make it or draw it.

Here are some ideas...

Little Red Riding Hood fun

Can you create a mask or puppet for the characters in the story? 

Now act out the story.

Learn some songs related to the Little Red Riding Hood story.

Can you cook or bake something just like Little Red Riding Hood took food to her Granny?

What will you cook? Ask your grown up to help you.

Here are some recipes you might want to try:


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