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Y5 CYCLE D: Popular Music: Artpop - Bjork

heartYEAR 5: CYCLE Dheart


Genre: Popular Music

Style: Artpop (Experimental Pop Music - an amalgamation of many styles)


Composer: Bjork


Björk - It's Oh So Quiet (1995)

björk : jóga (1997)

Directed by Michel Gondry.
Written by Björk/Sigurjón Birgir Sigurdsson (aka Sjón).

PS22 Chorus "Jóga" by Björk

Bjork: 'Play Dead' (2010)

Taken from Bjork's album 'Debut'

Can you sing or play these riffs or ostinatos?

Björk : Army of Me (1995)

Directed by Michel Gondry

heartFurther Study on Artpopheart

Featuring the legend:


Kate Bush

enlightenedKate Bush popularised the use of synthesisers in music.

enlightenedShe was the first woman to reach Number 1 in the UK charts with a song that she wrote herself (Wuthering Heights).

 enlightenedSince 2016, hundreds of people have gathered each year dressed as Kate Bush! 

enlightenedPeople all over America, Australia and Europe have turned up to dance to Wuthering Heights - why not have a go! 


Just click on the image to start the music lesson video!



heartKate Bush Songsheart

Listen to all of them and have a think about the musical elements:


'Wuthering Heights'

'Hounds of Love'

'Running Up that Hill'


'Man with a Child in his Eyes'

Dancing to 'Wuthering Heights'!



'Running Up That Hill' - Staten Island Kids Choir!

(This will make you cry!!)

heartSynthesiser Activityheart


Kate Bush was the first musician to make best use of the 'Fairlight Synthesiser' -

click on the image to learn a little about how they work and mess about some AWESOME sounds!


click on the image to begin

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