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Welcome to Forest Fields Primary and Nursery School

Week 4

Friday 29.1.21

Today your topic lesson is Music. Watch your lesson to learn how to make musical patterns with your body percussion. 

Thursday 28.1.21

Help Jed with a tricky situation. 

Watch Ms B’s lesson here:

Wednesday 27.1.21

Have fun doing an art lesson today.

Learn how to draw trees using a different perspective. 
Watch Ms B’s lesson here:

Tuesday 26.1.21

Today's topic lesson is Geography. Learn all about map symbols and how they help us to read different types of maps.  

Watch Ms B’s lesson here:

Monday 25.1.21

Today you have science. You will be learning more about what animals eat and starting to look at food chains. 

Watch this helpful video to learn all about food chains before you complete your work. 

Here’s a fun woodland food chain game to try too.  

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