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Year 4

Puzzles and problems...


Can you work out how many trips you will need to make across the river?


Have a go at these super sudokus!



Welcome back to the summer term!  Our new topic is 'There's no place like home'.  We will be learning about what it is like to live in different places, as well as the types of homes that animals live in.

All about World War 2...


This website has lots of information and activities about World War 2.  Can you find out some fantastic facts to impress your teachers?  You could learn some new things to use in your homework challenges!  frown

mail  Electricity!  mail


Here is a website you can visit to help you find out more about electricity - there are activities to have a go at and a quiz to test your knowledge.  Have fun!

I'm in 4SB...get me out go here! But what shall we take for our trip to the jungle/desert/mountains?!

World of Words!


We have all now been given a username and password for this exciting website (it is stuck inside the cover of our reading diaries!)

Log on to to try out some fantastic activities to help you get even better at reading!

Come and tell your teacher which activities you have completed and what level you are on...

'A Taste of India' homework challenges...

Parents information letter - Spring term, 1st half

Here's a great website for you to explore - there are enough books to keep you really busy!  You will need an adult to create a 'log in' and to access the site with you - it's well worth it as all the books are free to read!  Otherwise, you can ask Miss Brewer or Mrs Bright for a class log in... There is a fantastic book called 'Titanic Survivor' that you can read and listen to!

Welcome to Year 4!

We are very excited about all the fantastic learning experiences that we have got planned for you this year  Here are the staff that will be working with you...


4SB - Miss Brewer is our teacher and we have lots of people supporting us in class - Ms. Amin, Mr. Chambers, Mrs. Iqbal and Mrs. Eyre.


4SKB - Mrs Bright is our teacher and we have support in our class from - Ms. Bradley, Mr. Chambers, Mr. Chambers, Mrs. Eyre and Mrs. Lawrynovic.


Our first topic is 'Dungeons and Dragons'!

Learning about the fantastic work of the RNLI...

What an exciting start to the new half-term!  Our new topic is called 'Sink or Swim?'  On Monday, we were Historians, investigating evidence in a painting of Grace Darling.  Today (Tuesday) we have had a visit from Andy, who is a volunteer for the RNLI.  We learned lots about how to stay safe at sea and the amazing work that their brave volunteers do every day.


To find out more about the RNLI, visit


We will add photos of today's activities soon!

Strange things have been happening in Year 4 this week...

Year 4 Newsletter - September 2013

As part of our topic, we are learning about the difference between solids and liquids.  Try this activity and see if you can predict what will happen to each solid when it is heated.  Will it change back when it is cooled? surprise

Don't forget to have a look at the Kids' Zone.  You can play games and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites! 

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