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Week 2

Friday 15th January

You've all done such a fabulous job of writing the beginning and middle of your Little Red Riding Hood stories, it's now time to end the story.  That's what you will be doing today.  You will be writing your own ending to the story.  Watch how Miss Catton does it first though:


Thursday 14th January

Today you will be writing the middle of the story of Little Red Riding Hood.  Remember to use the word mat provided earlier this week to help you and watch Miss Catton have a go before your start.



Wednesday 13th January

Today you're going to have a go at writing your own Little Red Riding Hood stories, using lots of fabulous describing words and conjunctions too add detail to your sentences.  Remember capital letters and full stops and other kinds of exciting punctuation we have been learning about too.  There is a word mat to help you.  Can't wait to read your super stories!!


Tuesday 12th January


Today you are going to be using a story map to retell the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

Monday 11.1.21
Your Monday lesson continues to look at conjunctions.
This time we are going to look at the words but and because.
Watch you lesson here:

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