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Year 4


Year 4 


To Year 4 Parents, Carers and Children:


As you know, the government has recently announced that schools will be closed to most pupils until further notice. 

Over the coming weeks of home learning you can expect to receive:


  •  A daily e-mail from your class teacher with details of paper and online work for children to complete. If you are not currently receiving these, please call the school office to provide your e-mail address. 


  • A paper work pack containing tasks and worksheets for each day of the week.


  • A call from your class teacher or TA at least once a week to check how you are getting on. If there are any problems, we will call more often. If you receive a call from a withheld number, please answer- it is probably a member of school staff calling!


  • Daily feedback from your teacher. Each day, we will request that a photo of a piece of work is sent to us at the class e-mail address. We will respond with feedback within 24 hours. 



Below, you will find a table outlining all the work set for the week beginning Monday 11th January 2021. Here you can find links to all the online lessons (the blue words are links) and details of all the other tasks to complete. 


There is also a copy of this week's work-pack that you can look at online if you need to. 


A message from all the Year 4 staff to all the Year 4 children: We are missing you! We are so pleased to receive photos work to find out how you are getting on at home so make sure to send them every day. Learning at home is different to learning at school but some things are the same: Work hard, put in your best effort, make sure to take a few short breaks and be proud of all your hard work! Year 4 - you are amazing!


Week 2 (Beginning 11.01.21)







Work Pack English


Grammar: Fronted Adverbials


+ Daily Spelling Sheet


Spelling Activities -ture words



+ Daily Spelling Sheet


Handwriting ff



+ Daily Spelling Sheet


Handwriting + Spelling



+ Daily Spelling Sheet





Online Spelling Test


Work Pack English: Writing

Pobble 365 Task 1

‘Perfect Picture’

Pobble 365 Task 2

‘Story Starter’

Pobble 365 Task 3

‘Sentence Challenge’

Pobble 365 Task 4

‘Question Time’

Pobble 365 Task 5

‘Sick Sentences’

Online English: Reading

Hansel and Gretel Lesson 1


Hansel and Gretel Lesson 2

Hansel and Gretel Lesson 3

Hansel and Gretel Lesson 4

Hansel and Gretel Lesson 5

Work Pack Maths

(with matching online lesson)


Add two 3-digit numbers (not crossing 10 or 100)

Add two 3-digit numbers (crossing 10 or 100)

Subtract a 3-digit number from a 3-digit number (no exchange)


Subtract a 3-digit number from a 3-digit number (with exchanging)


Subtract a 4-digit number from a 4-digit number (one exchange)

Online Maths

20 mins of Times Tables Rock Stars

20 mins of Times Tables Rock Stars

20 mins of Times Tables Rock Stars  


Mathletics Activities

20 mins of Times Tables Rock Stars 


Mathletics Activities

20 mins of Times

Tables Rock Stars  

Mathletics Activities

Work Pack

Foundation Subject


Read the Freddie Mercury Knowledge Organiser

Freddie Mercury Mini-Quiz

Freddie Mercury Comprehension

Freddie Mercury

Geography Task

Freddie Mercury – Design a Music Festival Poster

Online Science and Foundation Subjects


History: What was Britain like before the Romans?

Science: What is static electricity?

History: How did the Romans conquer Britain?

Geography: Where are the world’s rivers?

Joe Wicks Workout

Please send a photo of..

Grammar Fronted Adverbials


White Rose Maths Sheet

Freddie Mercury Comprehension




Romans Work






Hansel and Gretel work

White Rose Maths Sheet


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***** Following the Government’s announcement this evening (4th January 2021) School will be closed to all classes from tomorrow, Tuesday 5th January 2021. Further information will be sent out on Tuesday 5th January. For details on how to request provision for key worker children please see our “Parents” pages and then click “Covid-19 updates for Parents and Carers”. *****