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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!



Welcome back to all of our Year 6 children. We are delighted to be back teaching you all despite the challenging situation. Many things are different at the moment and we all need to work together to ensure we keep learning and stay safe.


You will find our curriculum plans below which outline what you can expect to learn about this year. This includes our topics, class reads and maths topics.


In order to keep everyone safe in school there are many new routines and activities which the children have had to become familiar with. They are doing a fantastic job and we are very pleased with the way they have settled back into school. As a reminder, I have attached a self assessment sheet below which you can use if anyone at home has symptoms of Covid-19. It will explain what action to take if you are unsure.

Covid symptoms flow chart

If you have to stay at home then we have created a two week work pack for you to complete. If you would like a paper copy then please contact the school office and one will be posted to you.

Thank you for your continued support at this challenging time.


The Year 6 Team

Monday, 20th of Julylaugh


Hello and welcome to your final week of school, Year 6!


Some of you have returned to the school building over the past few weeks and some of you have been learning from home - either way, this would have been your last week of Year 6 and Forest Fields learning! Congratulations!


But it's not over yet! This week, we've got another awesome work pack for you AND we'll be setting out where you can access a little extra learning for over the summer holidays if you fancy. 


Have a look at our geometry cheat sheet this week (and remember that opposite angles - angles that are opposite each other when two lines cross -  are equal or have the same measurement!) 

We've added a handy booklet explaining all of the grammar terms you need in Year 6 - if you find any of your grammar work this week challenging, take a look!


Have an awesome summer, all of you! heart


Keep smiling & be kind to one another,

The Year 6 Team



Transition: Nervous about starting Secondary School?

All (and I mean all!) of your questions will be answered right here!

Click on the image to hear what Braydon and other children in Year 6 have to say.



Literacy: Check out Ms. Cawley's reading of 'Wonder'.

Did you get to the end of year awards bit yet?! surprise


Transition - Fun challenges to get you ready for Year 7!

Music - Digital Lessons

Nottingham Music Hub (the guys you will have seen in Year 4 for your music lessons) have put together some amazing online lessons to get you through the summer. There are lessons without instruments and singing lessons too - have a go! Click on the image!




Music: Online Drum Machine

Aspiring drummers, beat-boxers, rappers and musicians of any kind... Click on the image below to check out this amazing app to help you create your own programmed drums - the future of music production is here, right now!



Are you worried about online safety, bullying or racism?

'Own It', the BBC's new internet safety page for kids is here to help. Click on the image to find out more...




There's SO much going on in the world at the moment! 

Click here and NEWSROUND will help to answer some of your questions.




Click on each image to log into Mathletics or Times Tables Rock Stars!


Click on each image to find LOADS of other excellent lessons and information!





Navigate below to find work that you may have missed...

Monday, 13th of Julylaugh


Hello and welcome to your Computer Game Themed Pack, Year 6!


Did you know that Mario from Super Mario Bros (made famous by Nintendo gaming) is the same age as Ms. Cawley and Mr. Dix?! Have a look at the history of gaming links to find out more fascinating facts!


We hope that the information video about Amazon hero Chico Mendes helps to show the struggle against Rainforest destruction - once again, it's a bit of an eye-opener.


This week, we are taking our last look into Transition to Secondary School. Make sure that you are trying out some of the daily transition challenges and thinking about how you can make a great start to your secondary school career.


In honour of our special gaming work pack this week, we're having a go at some pixel art - take a look at the Pikachu step-by-step video, so cute!!


Keep smiling & be kind to one another!

The Year 6 Team







ICT - History of Gaming Timeline

Did you know that one of the first computer simulations of sport was developed because computer programmer John Burgeson stayed home sick from work one day in 1960?! Click on the image to find out much more...




ICT - The History of Home Video Gaming

The television provided the spark that fuelled the inventors of the first home video game consoles, followed closely by the cartridge. Click on the image to find out when arcade games came home, the explosion of 'Pac-Mania', and the emergence of the iconic grey box that revived an industry: the Nintendo Entertainment System.





Geography - Chico Mendes

This week you'll be learning about the life of Amazonian hero, Chico Mendes. On December 1988, the Brazilian environmental activist was shot dead by cattle ranchers angered by his efforts to stop them exploiting land in the Amazon jungle. Click on the image to find out more...




Art - How to draw Pikachu from Pokemon in Pixel Art!

If you fancied an extra challenge or a step-by-step tutorial for your art lesson this week.




Music: That Beethoven Masterpiece!

We all know that infamous Beethoven melody, duh duh duh duhhhhh... So threatening, so scary!

This week's challenge is about that very thing - PLUS a challenge from Doctor Who composer Segun Akinola!

Click the image to find out more...









Monday, 6th of Julylaugh


Hello and welcome to your music themed pack, Year 6!


Our Musicians of the Month are Buena Vista Social Club and you will be exploring their music in some interesting ways this week. Their music is loved by so many throughout the world, maybe you could play some for your families at home! 


Download your pack below, listen to the David Bowie track 'Space Oddity', which is mentioned in 'Wonder' and have a go at the mysterious context clue questions.


We hope that the handy explanation videos will help with your Maths this week and don't forget the video about deforestation in the Amazon - it's a real eye-opener! 


This week, we are taking a special look at Transition to Secondary School. We know that it's a different transition period than usual, but we'll make the most of it with some excellent lessons in your pack! 


Keep smiling & be kind to one another!

The Year 6 Team







Literacy - David Bowie: 'Space Oddity' (Lyrics)

Have a look at this awesome lyric video to get you started with your Literacy this week!




Maths - Vertically Opposite Angles

If you were struggling a little with Monday's Maths lesson, have a look at this clear explanation!

Maths - Angles in Quadrilaterals

Handy explanation of Friday's Maths lesson here!




Music: Buena Vista Social Club

To celebrate our Musicians of the Month for July, we've made a handy playlist of some of their excellent music AND a really interesting short film about the people behind the tunes. Click on the image to find out more!




Geography - Deforestation in the Amazon

You'll be learning about the Amazon and some of the ways in which the Rainforest is being cleared this week. Forests cover about 30% of the planet, but deforestation is clearing these essential habitats on a massive scale. What is deforestation? Find out the causes,...




PSHE - Did you know that Negative Thoughts can really block your potential? Let's have a go at changing them round...



Monday, 29th of Junelaugh


Have you all been enjoying the beautiful weather and record temperatures?  

Are any of you lucky enough to have a fan in your home?! It's due to cool down this week, just in time for this week's work pack! (Download below, answer booklet will be available on Tuesday morn!)


We hope you've been enjoying Ms. Cawley's 'Wonder' Videos, the entire book is there now, just follow the link below!


We've found some very handy explanation videos to help with your work pack this week - we especially love the video stroll through the streets of beautiful Funchal in Madeira!


This week, we are taking a special look at online safety - make sure you tell a trusted adult if you are feeling unsafe or have questions about your time online.


Keep smiling & be kind to one another!

The Year 6 Team




Download your work packs here!




Maths - Pie Charts (sectors given as fractions)

If you've struggled with reading your Pie Charts this week when fractions are involved - take a look at this helpful video.




Geography: This week, you'll be learning all about the European Union.

The UK have recently left the EU, but click on the image to play a game where you'll find out ALL about the remaining EU member states!





Science: How Do Our Lungs Work?

Take a journey into the lungs to see how the respiratory system and automatic nervous system work together to keep us alive and breathing!




Art: The Painted Doors of Rua Santa Maria

Further inspiration for your Art Lesson this week! Walk along Rua Santa Maria and discover the colourful painted doors of Funchal, Island of Madeira, Portugal.




Music: Learn a table top dance sequence!

Click on the image to learn a table top dance sequence with dancer and choreographer Jordan Douglas, using movements and gestures inspired by Gabriel Prokofiev's ‘Concerto for Turntables and Orchestra’.




Monday, 22nd of Junelaugh


Welcome back to all of the Year 6s who greeted us with sunny smiles last week, great to have you back! 

If any of you would like to join us in the coming weeks, ask your parent or guardian to let us know.


For those of you working hard at home, we certainly have not forgotten about you! Have a look at this week's work pack below.


You'll be starting a brand new book this week. It's called 'Wonder' by R.J. Palacio.

As a special treat, Ms. Cawley will read new chapters of the book for you each week! (see below)


Please keep checking the school website for further information about the re-opening of school and have a look at our handy explanation videos to help with your work pack this week!


Keep smiling,

The year 6 team



Thursday, 25th June is RSE Day!

Nottingham City Council in partnership with ChalleNGe and local artists are creating a full day of exciting creative workshops around the key relationship themes of communication, cooperation, trust, resilience and respect.
Have a look at what's on offer in this video!

22.06.20 Download your work pack here!




Maths: How to find the mean as an average

If you're finding your maths work difficult this week, have a look at this explanation video!




Science: Exploring the Heart - The Circulatory System!

Find out how the heart works and how blood flows through your body! This little red blood cell takes us on a ride through the body. See what happens as we go...

Art: Using Lines to Create Dimension

If you enjoyed your Art lesson on Monday - you may want to explore more about how the thickness of line could really make your artwork appear 3D!



Music: The first classical composer of African ancestry!

This week, CBBC Newsround presenter Hayley Hassall gives tips for how to write a news report

Learn about Joseph Bologne and use his story to inspire an imaginary news report.

Click on the image to have a go! 






Week Beginning 15.6.2020laugh


We are very excited about getting back to school this week and are looking forward to seeing some of you this Thursday. For those of you that are not returning this week, we will certainly not be forgetting about you. There will be a work pack uploaded here each week and one of the year 6 team will be in touch to see how you are getting on. 


Please keep checking the school website and the post for further information about the re-opening of school.


Keep smiling,

The year 6 team

Week beginning 8.6.2020


We trust that you are accessing and getting on fine with the work we are putting online. We have put together some work for you for this coming week. We hope that you find this helpful and remember to rest and relax as well as working to help keep your mind healthy and happy. If you can, begin each day with Joe Wicks PE lessons at 9am – you can find these on YouTube and if you miss the workout at 9am, it will be saved so you can have a go later in the day. Also, don'y forget that there are daily lessons which can be accessed by following the link to Oak National Academy and BBC Bitesize below. 


Take care of yourselves and be kind to your families,

The Year 6 Team


Each day, open the ‘Y6 Maths Flashback 4 decimals warm ups’ document and complete the 4 quick decimal recap questions for that day onto paper or a notebook. The answers are provided in the document for you to check afterwards. Then, look online for White Rose home learning resources for Year 6 For each day there is a short video to watch online. The worksheet and answers can be found below. This week please do Summer Term - Week 7 (w/c 8th June) which covers algebra.

PSHE Coronavirus and well-being

Week beginning 1.6.2020


Hello Year 6! We are raring to get back to school and are ready to get cracking as soon as it is deemed safe to do so. Many of you were due to start back next week but due to the latest City Council guidance we are unable to open at the moment, so please continue to complete the work set on here and on Mathletics. Also, please remember you can complete many lessons on a daily basis by following the links below to bbc bitesize and Oak National Academy. (Below)





Look online for White Rose home learning resources for Year 6 For each day there is a short video to watch online. See Summer Term - Week 6 (w/c 1 st June).The worksheet and answers can be found below. 



Use to learn a bit about maps and scale with maps. Go to Google Earth and look up Forest Fields by adding the school postcode (NG7 6GQ) in the search tool on the left. Use a blank sheet of paper to map out the school grounds. Before you begin, use the ‘measure distance and area’ tool (ruler icon) to measure the size of the school grounds. Measure your piece of paper. What approximate scale will you need to use? Decide on an approximate scale and include this on your map if you can.


Your map must include:

 The school buildings

 KS2 yard area and MUGA

 The central area and the main gate

 The garden area

 The Foundation playground

Can you create a key and group different areas? e.g. classrooms/learning areas, play areas, outdoor learning/garden areas

Week beginning 25.5.2020


We hope you and your family are well. It was really uplifting to speak to so many of you on the phone recently and we are looking forward to seeing many of you in the near future. Please find some new activities below to have a go at this week. Don't forget there is also a link to the national oak academy below, where you can complete daily live lessons.


In the coming weeks, we will continue to add homework packs for those parents that have decided not to send their children back to school when we re-open. Please continue to check the school website for information.


Best wishes, and to everybody celebrating Eid-al Fitr this weekend, Eid Mubarak!


The Year 6 Team.

Reading - First News

Book review and writing activity

Week beginning 18.5.2020


Well done to those children that have had a go at the assessments this week. You have done a great job! It looks as if a few of you have had problems entering answers for some of the fractions questions, so apologies if that was you. We have been in touch with Mathletics and they are in the process of putting it right. 


Please read this weeks First News (below) and have a go at the puzzle page and the First News quiz. Don't forget to keep checking mathletics for new activites. There is also a link to the languages page below where you can find lots of activities to complete to improve your spanish and latin! Thank you Ms Menzano.


Hopefully you have seen that there has been some information from the Government about the re-opening of schools. Please see the newsletter (below) and keep checking for further news from school.


Keep safe everyone and be kind to each other,

The Year 6 team

First News

[EXTREME RARE VIDEO] Just Dance 2018 - Waka Waka This Time For Africa - 4 players

Please have a go at mastering the Waka Waka dance this week!

SATs Poem

Week Beginning 11.5.2020 SATs week! (well,in theory)


For almost two terms you worked incredibly hard in Year 6 and, although it may not seem so, doing your SATs examinations this week would have been a great opportunity for you to show your teachers, parents and yourselves just how far you have come since you started school. We believe that you should all be proud of your achievements and the work you have done is not wasted. The knowledge and skills you now have is what matters, not the results of a test. Having said that, we have set you some assessments to get on with this week. cheeky These are NOT your SATs though, just an opportunity for you to apply your knowledge to some end of the year style questions and hopefully a chance for you to highlight some areas in which you can do some work to improve. 



1. There are 3 tests for you to complete on Mathletics; an arithmetic and two reasoning papers.


2. A Rising Stars reading comprehension. 

3. A Rising Stars grammar paper. 


Good luck.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon,

The Year 6 team. 

P.E Week Beginning 11.5.2020

Music Week Beginning 11.5.2020

Week beginning 3.5.2020


Hello Year 6. I hope you and your families are keeping healthy and in good spirits. It seems as if a small level of control over the spread of the virus has been achieved and so hopefully life will slowly be getting back to normal over the coming months. We are certainly missing you all and look forward to getting things back to the way they were as soon as possible. Please have a go at the homework pack for this week and as usual, continue to use mathletics and to read as much as possible.


Year 6 Team

Homework pack 4 - week beginning 4.5.2020

Week beginning 27th April


Hello Year 6. Please find a new work pack below to have a go at this week. There is a mix of maths, writing, grammar, science, geography, P.E and music. The video below is linked to the music task in the pack, so have a read and then enjoy the video. Please also keep checking your mathletics activities and practice your times tables on Times Tables Rockstars. 

Paul Simon - Homeless (from The Concert in Hyde Park)

Paul Simon performing "Homeless" from The Concert in Hyde Park Listen to Paul Simon: Subscribe to the official Paul Simon Y...

Week beginning April 20th 


We hope you have enjoyed Easter and that you and your family are healthy and are keeping in good spirits. It is a very difficult time for us all but we will get through it together. We always look forward to spending the summer term with Year 6 children as they begin to reflect on their achievements and start to look towards a positive future. Plus we get to play lots of cricket! All of the Year 6 team are missing their classes very much, as I'm sure you are all missing your friends. 


There is a new homework pack below for you to have a go at this week. We recommend that you spend a small amount of time each day on the following activities:


1.Spend some time exercising. Do the P.E challenge in the homework pack or/and have a go at Joe Wicks daily P.E class on YouTube. The link is below.

2.Eat healthy foods. Try to eat a good mix of fruit and vegetables and limit the amount of sugar you have in your diet. This will help to keep your immune system and body healthy.

3. Read. You should aim to read for half an hour each day. 

4.Spend 15 -30 minutes each day doing maths on Mathletics, Times Tables Rockstars or completing the maths work in the homework pack. A game of chess or monopoly is a fun way to do maths 

5. Complete a couple of the sheets in the homework pack.

6. Do something kind for a person you live with. 


Have a productive and enjoyable week.

The Year 6 team

PE With Joe | Friday 17th April

Audio books


CLICK THE LINK BELOW to choose from hundreds of FREE audio books read by famous actors.

Almost as good as Ms. Cawley reading in an Irish accent! wink



 School closure - Homework tasks

As It is quite possible that school will close, we have set some tasks which we would like the children to complete at home over the coming weeks.


  • Complete the tasks set on Mathletics. The link is above. Your class teacher will check that the tasks have been completed and will set new tasks as appropriate.
  • Practise your times tables using the Times Tables Rock Stars website. Again, the link is above. We would suggest 15 minutes per day.
  • You should have at least two reading books from class. Read your reading book for half an hour each day and make a comment in your reading diary.
  • If you were in school on 18.3.2020 you will have a paper copy of a homework pack which your teacher has created. There is an electronic version below. Please complete the tasks set in the pack. Your teacher will upload the answers to the questions in this pack in a couple of weeks. You should aim to have finished the booklet by then.
  • Please check back to the website on a regular basis for further information.


Morning Challenge! surprise


Would you like a super fun challenge to wake you up each morning?! 


  • Word of the Day
  • Quick Maths
  • Literacy Challenge
  • Country of the Day
  • Today in History


smiley Just click here and choose today's date to get started!

Fact filled news reports to keep you up to date!


Updated weekly: Reach Out Reporter


Updated daily: Newsround

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Re-Opening of school to all year groups - Thursday 3rd September. Details and Risk Assessment can be found under 'Parents' - Key information packs were posted out during the last week in July. Please read them carefully. We look forward to all our children joining us again next month **** **** Need advice about your child’s health and wellbeing in these unsettling times, Nottingham CityCare’s Text Health service is available for parents/carers of 0-19 year olds to text a school nurse or health visitor. Just text us on 07480 635002 and we’ll reply back **** Please see information about school closure and key workers guidance on our website. See our Newsletters page under the "News and Events" tab and Key Worker Information under the "Parents" tab for updates. **** We will now start all text messages with FFPS (Forest Fields Primary School). Please look out for update text messages starting FFPS. ****