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Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND)

SEN Concerns, Complaints and Feedback

Please use this form to send a message directly to Mrs Lawson, SENDCo, in complete confidence. It is school policy to reply to concerns within 48 hours, however an immediate response cannot be guaranteed when contacting us via email.

Special Educational Needs at Forest Fields 


At Forest Fields, we believe that all children are entitled to the best education possible, regardless of their ability, disability, ethnicity, languages spoken, gender, age, race or special educational need. Our inclusion statement is:

Everyone in our school feels included, engaged, valued, listened to and empowered.


We use the National Curriculum objectives for planning, teaching and assessing our children. For some children with special educational needs, we use B Squared and Primary Steps to support teaching and assessment. For our children with High Level special needs, we also use Development Matters.

We understand that children learn and develop in different ways. Teachers and teaching assistants recognise this and use different teaching styles, resources and plan different levels of work in the classroom to cater for the various ways’ children learn. However, many children, at some time in their school life, need extra help.


We talk to parents/carers if we think their child has a special educational need and let them know what special help the school is giving. Mrs Joanna Lawson is appointed as the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) at Forest Fields Primary School. The children are assessed, a graduated plan is generated, parents consulted, additional resources, adult support and interventions are put in place as required.

When it is age appropriate, SEND children are fully consulted during the process and all children from reception to year 6 are aware of, and understand, their individual targets.


We have a written SEND Policy – a copy of which is available for parents and is included on this website in the School Policies section.


How do we plan for support and make provision?

Support is planned for and implemented using a graduated approach which includes Assess, Plan, Do, Review.


The school SENCo, Mrs Lawson, will support staff and parents throughout this process and seek advice from other professionals, such as health professionals, specialist teachers and/or educational psychologists as necessary. At Forest Fields Primary School we purchase support packages with Educational Psychologists, Learning Support, Autism and the Behaviour Support team which ensures consistency and that good working relationships can be developed.


A small number of children may experience significant learning difficulties and have a range of professionals working with them to help them to meet their agreed outcomes. In some instances, further assessments may be necessary and it may be deemed appropriate to prepare and submit and Educational and Health Care Plan (EHCP) application to the appropriate Local Authority.

  • This is a very detailed assessment of each child’s needs. Parents or carers, the school and a range of professionals will all be asked to provide written reports.
  • At the end of the assessment phase the Local Authority will consider these reports to help decide whether or not to issue an Education, Health and Care Plan for the child.
  • Parents/carers also have the right to ask the Local Authority to carry out this assessment although it is usually best if you can do this with the support of the school.
  • Education, Health and Care Assessment is only appropriate for a small number of children. Your school SENCo or the local authority will be able to advise you about this.

Education, Health & Care (EHC) Needs Assessments & Plans - Nottingham City Council

Children working with an EHCP will have their progress monitored carefully and new outcomes agreed on a termly basis by their class teacher and/or the SENCo in conjunction with parents/carers and outside agencies. An Annual Review will take place involving staff, parents/carers and any external agencies involved with that child. This is an opportunity to fully assess any changes in need and agree next steps.


At Forest Fields Primary School, the graduated approach includes:

  • A high standard of quality first teaching in classes throughout the school, implementing different teaching approaches, support and interventions as appropriate
  • A Cause for Concern – where teaching staff or parents have initial concerns about a pupil, these will be shared in the first instance with the Phase Lead to identify and decide upon next steps. Additional support at this stage may include small group or 1:1 support within class as well as additional interventions outside of class
  • Where a special educational need is identified, with parental agreement and involvement, a pupil will be added to the SEND register and a graduated plan will be developed detailing the provisions in place for that pupil focusing on areas of need and planned outcomes
  • At this point, consultation with external agencies may be necessary. The SENCo will work alongside teaching staff to identify and consult with appropriate services.
  • Where an EHCP application is considered, further information is gathered and a statutory assessment of the child’s needs will take place. If agreed, a dedicated EHCP will be developed for that pupil through the appropriate Local Authority and clear agreed outcomes will be determined and agreed by all parties.
  • Full parental and child participation is encouraged throughout this process


Each child’s teacher will be finding ways to support them such as:

  • Changing the way activities are planned and delivered
  • Matching activities to the ability / need of each child
  • Adapting learning materials such as equipment and activities to suit each child’s needs
  • Offer small group support to promote skills identified in the child’s SEN


If your child has Special Educational Needs our SENCo will:

  • Ensure the right support is put in place for each child
  • Advise other teachers and teaching assistants on how to help each child and ensure their needs are being met in school
  • Arrange training for staff so they understand each child’s needs as required
  • Work closely with parents on a regular basis to talk with them about their child’s needs and listen to any ideas or concerns they might have
  • Work with other professionals (if necessary) who may be able to help individual children, e.g. speech and language therapist /medical professional/educational psychologist

Our SEND Provision Map details what the school plan to do to help individual children. All teachers should be aware that children learn in different ways. Some need to work at a slower pace to ensure they fully understand one thing before they move onto something new.

If you would like to discuss your SEND requirements in detail please contact the school to arrange an appointment.


Provisions available within our school


 Communication and Interaction:

  • Speech and Language assessments and programmes
  • Availability of dedicated speech and language through referral to the NHS team

Speech and Language Therapy (Children), Nottinghamshire speech therapy (

  • Personalised speech and language therapy programmes
  • Staff members with dedicated training to provide speech and language support
  • Social Stories
  • Language enrichment within all reading sessions throughout the school
  • Dyslexia Assessment tools


Cognition and Learning

  • Intervention groups to tackle gaps and ensure progress in key areas of the National Curriculum, particularly English and Maths
  • Access to dedicated Educational Psychologist for appropriate testing
  • Booster classes in years 2 and 6
  • Little Wandle phonics interventions
  • Gross and fine motor programmes


Social, Emotional and Mental health:

  • Trained Child and Adult Mental Health staff in school – Mrs Lawson (SENCO), Mrs Harper (Assistant Head)
  • Emotional Literacy Support Assistant – Miss Kidd
  • Social Stories
  • Lego Therapy
  • Free access to dedicated safe space


Sensory and/or physical needs:

  • Fully accessible school, classrooms, outdoor areas and lifts in the Bradgate/Berridge buildings
  • Fully equipped and accessible toilet and changing space in each building
  • Access to private spaced for therapies – Inclusion Hub
  • Staff trained in the use of specialist equipment, training space and administration of specific medications
  • Gross and fine motor programmes
  • Access to occupational therapy through referral
  • Staff trained in and able to deliver specialist physio support
  • Staff trained and supported in manual handling by Oakfield Outreach and the Physiotherapy team


SEND Information Report 2024

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Pastoral, Medical and Social Support

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Our current SEND Policy is available on our Policies Page or by pressing here.

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