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Week 2

Monday 1.3.21

Today you are going to be learning about facts and opinions.

Read the information carefully, remembering to use Friends, Fred, Read. Then complete the activities.

Tuesday 2.3.21

Read the information about the present day hero, Marcus Rashford. Remember to Friends, Fred, Read.

Can you spot the facts to help you answer the questions?

Wednesday 3.3.21

During 2020 and 2021, there have been many 'every day' heroes who have kept us safe, ensured we can get food and/or raised money for charity, such as Captain Tom Moore. Read the fact file about some of these heroes and answer the questions.

Thursday 4.3.21

Today we will be exploring fact files. Look carefully at the fact file in your workbook. What facts can you spot? What are the features of this text type?

Friday 5.3.21

Can you be a fact file expert? Today create your own fact file by putting the sub-titles and sections together correctly. Challenge - can you write your own fact file about a hero you know?

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