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Curriculum Intent

At Forest Fields Primary School, our curriculum intent is to respond to the needs and context of children in the community we are privileged to serve.  As a result, our curriculum reflects our community and is based on what we want our children to be able to know, learn and understand at different stages during their time at Forest Fields and by the time they leave us, using the National Curriculum requirements.


We are driven to ensure all of our children are readers, have a love of books that can open doors to worlds around them, and we enrich vocabulary, speaking, listening and understanding through books and talk in all subject areas. Our curriculum is based on a progression of knowledge and skills, and we provide rich opportunities as part of our cultural capital.


We inspire a sense of curiosity about the world around us by asking ‘big questions’ for children to discuss, research and answer through linked learning in a variety of subjects. We actively encourage children to ask and answer questions to develop knowledge and understanding of the world, to develop general knowledge as global citizens, and have a love of learning of languages, music, sports and art and know how valuable these are to good mental and physical health.


If you have any questions about our curriculum. please come and have a chat with Mrs Chowdhury.


Primary National Curriculum

Whole school overview - our curriculum at Forest Fields Primary School

Curriculum concepts


At Forest Fields Primary School, we have developed our curriculum so that there is clear progression of knowledge, skills and concepts based on the National Curriculum requirements. The curriculum we have created truly reflects our community.


We have a wonderful team of Subject Leaders. They have read extensively about their subject and have developed a knowledge based curriculum that reflects our rich, diverse community which aims to inspire and engage our children. We hope children can see themselves in our curriculum whilst they answer the big question set for each half term and discover links through cross curricular learning and build their knowledge and skills in each subject whilst they progress through the year and through school.


Some subjects are taught discretely, such as science and a few of the foundation subjects, enabling a real depth of learning, engagement with resources and quality outcomes which include being inspired and developing aspirations.


The concepts chosen by Subject Leads thread through different curriculum areas and grow with children on their learning journey with us, working towards end of year, phase and key stage expectations. These concepts weave through the knowledge we have built and you will be able to see these in planning, delivery and on display.

Forest Fields Curriculum Concepts


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