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Week 6

Thursday 11th February

Learn how to work out the change from 20p when you buy two items.


Learn how to work out two-step money word problems.

Wednesday 10th February

Learn how to find change from 20p.

Learn how to solve money word problems using a bar model.

Tuesday 9th February

Learn how to find change from 10p. 

Learn how to work out money word problems.

Monday 8th February

More tricky money maths this week.  This week you are going to use all of your maths skills to solve some everyday problems involving money.

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********* Following the Government’s announcement on 22nd February, School will be re-opening again to all children on Monday March 8th. Please look out for further details sent via email, school comms and updates on the website. We are really lookng forward to having all the children back with us again! See you all on the 8th!!*****