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Welcome to Forest Fields Primary and Nursery School

Week 5

Friday 5th February

Today's topic is art.  You will be learning some more drawing techniques.  Can's wait to add your fabulous work to our gallery of wonderful work.  Look out to see if you can spot yours there.

Thursday 4th February

Today's topic is music and singing.  Have a go at the 'Choon Baboon' vocal warm up before your start to get your mouth and breathing ready for singing!  Have lots of fun and get your grown ups to join in too!!!  Singing is a great way to make us feel happy and well, even better when you do it with a big smile on your face!!

Wednesday 3rd February

We learnt last week that smoking is bad for your health.  It can making breathing very difficult and this can cause all sorts of other problems.  Our breath is important and we can do lots of fun things using our breath provided we look after our lungs.  Let's find out more.

Tuesday 2nd February

Today's topic is Geography.  You will be doing more map work.  This time you will be looking closer at a map to find out how to get information from a map.  You will then use this information to help give Maxine some directions to her friend's house.  Maybe after this activity, you could look at a map of your area and use it to help you write some directions for a friend to visit your house - after lockdown of course!!!

Monday 1.2.21

Today your topic is science. You will be looking closely at a woodland habitat, in an oak tree. Lots of animals live in, around or under an oak tree. Watch the video and read the information to find out more. Then cut and stick the animals into the correct place. Can you add any other animals into the picture?

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