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EYFS & KS1 Musical Activities


Let's Sing with Ms Cawley!


Click on this image to find ALL of Ms Cawley's songs..


Let's Make Some Noise!

(EYFS & KS1 - Compose your own song using a variety of sounds and techniques / gross & fine motor skills / collaboration)


There are 14 different apps within this link - all suitable for choosing time or sound exploration during carpet time.

Click on the image to begin!


Let's Explore Sounds!

(EYFS & KS1 - Explore Sounds in our Environment)


Sonic Explorer, J,  travels to different locations to explore the many sounds that can be found.

These video clips are designed to help children think about different sounds and how they relate to their environment.





YolanDa's Band Jam!

(EYFS & KS1 - Listen & Respond to a Performance / Movement)


YolanDa and her Band Jammers have a collection of songs that introduce some of the main elements to music making.

Watch the episodes from the series to support teaching dynamics, pitch, rhythm and instrumentation.



Let's Sing!

Here is a bank of great songs from NYCOS (National Youth Choir of Scotland) to sing with the children during your Music Assembly or any classroom singing opportunities.

Click on the image to gain access to the video resources...

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