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Welcome to our languages area!


Message from Señora Menzano:


NEW!!!! Click on Latin to see information about a new Mythology competition, anyone can take part even if not in Latin Club!




I hope you are all well at home!


As some of you are already aware, I will be posting here several different activities you can carry on working with while learning at home. Each year group will find your own topics and activities following the correct link below. If you have access to a PC, a laptop or a tablet, you will also be able to login to Rockalingua website. You will find the correct login details by clicking to your Year group. Hope you enjoy them!


I will also be including work in Latin folder - both for anyone interested in learning Latin and attending the Club in the future and also for those children who already have been coming. Please be patient as I will work on the Spanish activities first.


Check regularly for updates in all folders as new content will come up every week!


Hasta luego,


Señora Menzano

This year we have started a Latin Lunch Club which is open to year 5 and 6 children and runs on Wednesdays. In the club children study Latin by following Minimus books.

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