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Welcome to Forest Fields Primary and Nursery School

Week 1

Thursday 25.2.21

Write your letter to a local hero. Remember to include capital letters, full stops and all the letter features we learnt in our Monday English Lesson.

Wednesday 24.2.21

Today you will be thinking about questions to ask a local hero. What will you ask? Remember to end your sentence with a question mark.

As a trickier challenge today you will be planning your letter for a local hero. Who will you write to? What do you want to ask them? Think about what sentence openers and adjectives you will use.

Tuesday 23.2.21

Can you write some super sentences about the heroes? Use the words at the top of the page and remember your capital letters and full stops.

For the trickier challenge today you will be thinking about questions to ask your local hero. What is a question? Can you think of some questions to ask?

Monday 22.2.21

Practice your reading skills today. Remember to Friends, Fred, Read. Can you match each picture to the correct job description?

Let's learn about letters! Read the letters carefully and spot the features of this writing type. Can you answer the quiz questions?

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