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Year 3

Home Learning


Dear parents/ carers


Thank you for supporting your child with their home learning in these unprecedented times. Please don't feel overwhelmed by the amount of work sent home, or feel that your child has to complete every last bit in the next 2 weeks.


The work we have sent home is designed so that the children can dip in and do whatever they feel is achievable. The last thing we want to do, when there is so much anxiety in the world at the moment, is to make your child feel anxious or under pressure.


Some of you may want to create a timetable at home and indeed, many children enjoy the security of knowing what they should be doing, but please make sure that, as well as academic studies, you allow time for your child to play, get fresh air and be creative.


Don't worry about your child not making progress in school. All children throughout the country are in the same boat and as experienced teachers, when we are back together in the classroom, we will of course reflect, review learning and set work at the appropriate level.


Thank you for your continued support. Stay safe.

Kind regards

The Year 3 team



Congratulations to those of you who have completed tasks on Mathletics.

We are updating them regularly so keep looking for more to be set.

Below is a helpful guide for your Parents.


Mathletics Parent Guide



Spanish Revision


Scroll down the page to find some revision websites


Homework ideas

We will be putting ideas on this page for you to do at home.

All children who were present on Wednesday have been given a book and pencil to record their homework.

Keep visiting this page as we will keep adding ideas for you.



Fun Science Activities 

Sphere Science have produced a pack of science activities that you might like to try.

Have fun and remember to take photos of your experiments to show us.

Reach Out Reporter 02-04-20

What uses can you think of for an exo-skeleton like the one in the film?


Reach Out Reporter 26-03-20

Watch news update.

Can you design your own inflatable robot?

What could your robot be used for?


Rhinoceros Beetle

Draw and label a rhinoceros beetle.

Explain how it has adapted to be so strong.

Can you find any more information about the rhinoceros beetle? What does it eat? Where does it live?

Indoor Activities



Literacy/English websites
Maths websites



Joe Wicks, (aka The Body Coach) is doing a PE session every day on his You Tube Channel at 9am.

We hope you'll be able to jump about and join in.

Have fun!

Writing and science activities

Art and Creativity



Keep up to speed with what you have learned so far in Spanish.

Spanish Revision

Making Skeletons


Yesterday we made animal skeletons out of sticks and pine cones and other things that you could find in the garden or park.

You could try making an animal skeleton yourself and then take a photo of it.

Can you label the bones?

Making Skeletons

Making Skeletons 1
Making Skeletons 2
Making Skeletons 3
Making Skeletons 4
Making Skeletons 5
Making Skeletons 6
Making Skeletons 7

Spring in the School Garden

This morning we went out into the school garden to look for signs of spring.

Here are some photos of what we saw.


Can you write a poem or a description about Spring in Forest Fields?

You might even see some signs of spring in your own garden or the park.

spring in the school garden

spring in the school garden 1
spring in the school garden 2
spring in the school garden 3
spring in the school garden 4
spring in the school garden 5
spring in the school garden 6
spring in the school garden 7
spring in the school garden 8
spring in the school garden 9
spring in the school garden 10
spring in the school garden 11
spring in the school garden 12
spring in the school garden 13
spring in the school garden 14
spring in the school garden 15
spring in the school garden 16
spring in the school garden 17
spring in the school garden 18
spring in the school garden 19

Super Science

We looked in the school garden at the beginning of term to see signs of Autumn. We found lots of fruit, flowers and seeds.

Signs of Autumn in the school garden.

We carried out experiments to find out what seeds need  in order to germinate.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9


Look at these brilliant robots that we created at home. What a lot of time and effort has gone into them. We are very impressed. Thankyou to all children (and families) who completed a homework challenge. yes

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

Rise of the Robots

We have really enjoyed learning all about robots and creating some of our own using pneumatics to make them move.

We have created animations in ICT and have learned how to program.

We loved reading The Iron Man by Ted Hughes and our teachers were very impressed by the language we used in our re-telling of the story. Miss Hoyland thought they were amazing too!

We had great fun learning about forces and magnetism in science. Some of us made a magnetic fishing game as part of our homework challenge; we know what metals are attracted to magnets; which things don't stick and what' attract' and' repel' mean.

Some of us worked really hard at home to build our own robots. They were truly amazing and our teachers couldn't believe all the hard work we did at home.


Our teachers are...


3LM - Mrs. Matthews  

3ML - Mrs. Lowe & Ms. Marks

3AJ - Mrs Jeffery 

Mrs Martin, Mrs. Winfield  

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