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Year 3

Year 3 2020-2021

Activity Day.

Year 3 loved the activity day. We had a go at problem solving games and climbing. 

Look at us go!


This week in Year 3 we are going to be looking at tenths so if you would like to get ahead and see what we're up to have a look at these videos.

Count in tenths

Try practising counting in tenths at home!

Ismail from 3LM took up the holiday homework challenge - They look DELICIOUS!

Spring 2 Week 1 Work pack

Timetable and links for Week Beginning 22nd February 2021


If you need any of the links to anything in the work pack these are highlighted in green on the timetable smiley


Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


Words with y making

an i sound.


fl join


describe what

you can see and

what you can infer from

the picture









Writing -

Write what Max did

that was so naughty


Spellings- word meaning


'of' join

Grammar- homophones re-visit

Reading -

Epic - Books for Kids (

Listen to the story of Where the Wild Things Are.


English - 


Children's book read aloud." WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE " - YouTube

Writing - word clouds to describe

Grammar -  subordinating


Spelling word meanings


Writing - 

synonyms for 'terrible'

Handwriting - 'wl' join


Test yourself





Multiplying 2-digit


with regrouping

Mathletics- 20 minutes daily

Multiplying 2-digit numbers

with regrouping

Watch this

White Rose Maths video




 Mathletics - 20 minutes daily

Multiplying 2-digit numbers

with regrouping



 Mathletics - 20 minutes daily

Multiplying 2-digit numbers

with regrouping


Mathletics - 20 minutes daily

Multiplying 2-digit numbers

with regrouping


Mathletics -  20 minutes daily



Art-Draw with Rob


Draw a dragon

PE- Circuits


Oak National Academy Music. 

Exploring 6 beats in a bar (


PE- Circuits




PE- Circuits


Wellbeing -  Express Yourself

PE - Circuits




Fab Friday Science

 Healthy bodies

How do our bodies get nutrients from food? | BBC Teach - YouTube

PE - Circuits




Look at the fantastic robots that Cyrus and Mallika made!

Hi There Year 3


We hope you are all safe and happy. Did you enjoy the snow?

Maja from 3LM did!


Send any photos you would like us to share on the website. Any photos that show you are happy and enjoying life.

From the Year 3 Team

Marwa (3LM) working hard with her times tables. 

What a great whiteboard, Marwa yes

Read Write Inc groups

If you are normally in a Read Write Inc group with Miss Araghchinchi, Miss Porter, Mrs Khan or Mr Saunders, we will be posting a daily video for you to practice your letters and sounds as well as the work in the workbook. There will be one daily video for Miss Araghchinchi's group and another for the remaining Read Write Inc groups.

Miss Araghchinchi's phonics group

Reading the letter/sound "p"

Miss Porter, Mrs Khan and Mr Saunders' RWI groups

Listening and reading the ow, ear and oi sounds

Websites for Home Working

Here are some reminders of useful websites in case we have to work from home.

Reading Fluency

We have been learning to read and recite poems based on the book 'Rumble in the Jungle'.

Rumble in the Jungle - Performed by 3ML

Still image for this video

Home Learning Workbooks

A message to you all from the staff

Click on the link below to see a message from all of us at Forest Fields

Art with Mrs Martin

Classroom Secrets Kids


Mrs Menzano has sent this link to work she has put on for Spanish.

We hope you'll take a look.

Hasta luego


Daily Lessons


The BBC have launched daily lessons to support each year group. Have a look by following the link below


Oak national academy are also doing 3 lessons each day for each Year group which children can follow along with.


Twig Science Reporter

This week's report is all about renewable and non-renewable energy.

Watch the video and then think about the pros and cons of each.

Which do you think would be the best type of energy and why?


How Do Volcanoes Work?

On this week's Twig Science Reporter you can find out about how volcanoes erupt.

Watch the video and then try drawing a labelled diagram to explain how volcanoes work.


Meet the Scientist


Here is a website where you can meet scientists and engineers and ask them questions about the work they do.


Some are people from history like:

Isambard Kingdom Brunel - engineer

Florence Nightingale - nurse


Others are people who work in science or engineering today:

Doctors working during the current crisis

Engineers who have built structures in the UK

Space scientists


You might like to carry out your own research about a famous scientist and prepare a presentation to share with us in school.

Fun Science Activities 

Sphere Science have produced a pack of science activities that you might like to try.

Have fun and remember to take photos of your experiments to show us.

Forest Fields Growing Garden

Just before the school closed, the children in Year 3 planted potatoes in the school garden.

We thought you would like to know how they are getting on so Mr Lee took some photos.

If you want to know more about how potatoes grow, follow this link and watch the film called Earthy Potatoes




Potatoes May 2020

While briefly in school last week, I took photos of the potatoes. Look how they have grown!

Hopefully there are lots of tiny potatoes hiding under the soil getting bigger ready for us to dig up soon.


Potatoes - May 2020

Potatoes April



Congratulations to those of you who have completed tasks on Mathletics.

We are updating them regularly so keep looking for more to be set.

Below is a helpful guide for your Parents.


Mathletics Parent Guide

Literacy/English websites

Maths websites



Joe Wicks, (aka The Body Coach) is doing a PE session every day on his You Tube Channel at 9am.

We hope you'll be able to jump about and join in.

Have fun!

Indoor Activities



Other websites you might find useful

Art and Creativity



BBC Ten Pieces has launched a weekly music resource today which includes a Ten Pieces film to watch and enjoy, and a linked creative activity that can be completed by children without any special materials or preparation. A perfect, simple and easy way to keep listening, enjoying and creating music at this time!




Keep up to speed with what you have learned so far in Spanish.

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