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Conduct and Behaviour

Red, Amber and Green – Traffic Light System

At Forest Fields we believe that it’s important for children to take responsibility for their conduct and behaviour when they are inside the classroom, outside during break or on any school visit, be it a local trip to the Forest Rec, a day visit or an overnight residential. Through our PHSE curriculum, we aim to teach and equip the children with the necessary skills so that they can make informed choices regarding how they should conduct themselves in a variety of situations and environments.

Throughout KS1 and KS2 we have a Red, Amber and Green system (RAG). This is also referred to as the ‘Traffic Light’ system.

Each and every day, the children all start in the green zone, with the objective being to end the day still on green. If during the day, the conduct of the child is deemed to be inappropriate, they will be given a warning by the member of staff responsible for them. If there is no change in behaviour, their name will be moved into the amber zone. If after other warnings the behaviour is still inappropriate, the child’s name will be moved into the red zone. This is deemed to be very serious and will usually involve a discussion during break time with the teacher and also perhaps some time out.

As we want to the children to respond in an informed and appropriate way, they are given the opportunity to work their way back to the green zone. For this to happen, they need to display and demonstrate that they have understood what they did that resulted in moving to red for example, and that through their actions and behaviour after the event, they show clearly that they are making the right the choices to warrant moving back towards green.

At the end each day, the class teacher records where each child finished. The idea being, that all children end on green. This is completed for each day of the week and then submitted on to the school server for members of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) to observe and comment on during Key Stage assemblies and phase meetings.   

Whole School Reward nonosmiley

Each Friday, there is an allotted slot at the end of the day called ‘Golden Time’. It is the school expectation that all children deserve and should get their ‘Golden Time’ each week. The children who ended each day in the green zone, will be given their full golden time, which is approximately 20 minutes. However, if a child had ended a day on yellow, this would result in some time being deducted from their 20 minutes. Ending the day on yellow results in a 2 minute deduction.  So for example, if a child had finished Monday and Tuesday on yellow, but Wednesday, Thursday and Friday on green, their total ‘Golden Time’ would be 20 – 4 = 16 minutes. Finishing the day on red, means that 5 minutes would be deducted.

Through this system of tracking conduct and behaviour, we are able to highlight a great number of children that are able to make the right choices and end each day on green. For some children, not only do they end each day on green, but some finish each week and each half term totally green having never moved into either amber or red, thus demonstrating an excellent understanding of how to behave and conduct themselves whist at school.

These children will be known as the ‘Evergreen Children’. To celebrate and in recognition of our Evergreens, each term we will put a ‘role of honour’ on the website, highlighting those children who always stay on green. We will be organising small events and treats so that these children can be rewarded in special and unique ways.       

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