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Please find information below about a Mythology challenge that you can take part. Anyone from Year 5 and 6 can join, even if they have not been attending Latin Club previously. 


In order to get your certificate you need to complete 3 out of the 4 following activities and email them to your class teacher by the 1st of July.


1. Story Explorer


Listen to two audio stories: Daedelus and Icarus/ Midas and the Golden Touch

Write a short summary of each or create a story board for each story


2. Language Detective


Learn Latin with Maximum Classics


Open and selfstudy the first 6 chapters of the programme and complete two worksheets. One of the worksheets has to be from the chapter 6.


3. Artist in Residence


Research Roman food and diet and make a learning poster


4. Armchair Adventurer


Visit Vindolanda's website and make a fact file about the site



Hope you enjoy this challenge!





At Forest Fields Primary School we have a very active Latin Club which runs every Wednesday at lunch time. The club is open for Year 5 and 6 children. During the club we learn about Roman history and culture and Latin language. We use Minimus books and several other Latin resources available to us. This year we have already practised writing with Roman cursive script on wax tablets and made our own authentic Roman board games. In February we were invited to visit the Latin Hub in East Midlands which is based at Leicester University. We spent the whole day there with the children from the Club taking part in different workshops like recreating Roman mosaics and learning about jobs in Roman Army. See below some pictures from the event! 


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