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Week 2

Monday 1.3.21

Your first topic lesson this week is Science. You will be continuing to look at food groups. Can you remember the names of the food groups we looked at last week?

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Tuesday 2.3.21

Last week we started to look at heroes? What is a hero? Today you are going to learn about Ada Lovelace. Read your fact file and have a think, do you think she is a hero?

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Wednesday 3.3.21

Today we are going to be thinking about kindness. What is kindness? How can we show kindness? How does it make you feel? Think about how you can show kindness while you are at home.

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Thursday 4.3.21

Today’s music lesson is all about timbre. You will be exploring different ways to use your voice.

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Friday 5.3.21

Today I would like you to create your superhero alter ego. What would your hidden superhero look like? Will you wear a mask? What colour hair will you have? Look carefully at the ideas in your workbook to help you create your superhero character.

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