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Maths Fluency

Maths fluency means being able to be quick and correct.

It is important that we build our Maths fluency to support trickier learning.


On this page you will find lots of ways to practice your maths skills.


Fluency lessons

Watch Miss Catton lead some fluency lessons.

You will need two 10 frames and 20 counters. You can draw your 10 frames and make your own counters or use something you have at home like buttons or bottle lids.

You could also use this online 10 frame to support your number skills.

Fluency games

Games are a great, fun way to help us learn our numbers.



Practice your counting as you throw and catch a ball with someone in your family. How many times can you pass the ball without dropping it?

Can you count in 2s as you play? How about counting in 5s?



Tens and ones

Recognising the value of a number is an important fluency skill.

Practice making different numbers using 10s and 1s.;

You could make your 10s and 1s out of;

-lolly sticks using single sticks and a bundle

-lego bricks

- sticks and stones...

Here are some ideas to make your own set of 10s and 1s.


You will need your 10s and 1s that you have made already and a hoop (a circle with the middle cut out).

Lay your 10s and 1s on the floor or table. Throw your hoop. Now count the 10s and 1s that have landed inside the hoop.


Create your own skittles to knock over and add.

You could put numbers on the skittles and add all the numbers you have knocked over or create them as 10s and 1s.


Here is the game I created using toilet roll and kitchen roll tubes.

Put 10 on the longer tubes and 1 on the shorter tubes. Then line them up like in picture 1.

Use a ball to knock over the skittles. If you haven't got a ball you could roll up a pair of socks.

Count the 10s and 1s that you knocked over. How many did you score?

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