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Welcome to Forest Fields Primary and Nursery School

Week 1

Friday 8.1.21

You will need a pencil, coloured pencils or pends and some paper. 

If you don't have colours it doesn't matter you can use your pencil to do some cool shading.

Watch your art video here:

Thursday 7.1.21

Your extra challenge for Thursday is to help someone in your family or try to make them happy. smiley

How could you do this? Maybe you could draw them a picture or make a card? Perhaps you could tidy your room or put your toys away? Remember to always be helpful and kind.

Wednesday 6.1.21

Today your topic lesson is a PSHE session. Read through the slides of the powerpoint and complete the activities. 

Poor Ted isn't feeling very well and wants to stay in bed. What could be wrong? How could you make him feel better?

Tuesday 5.1.21

Today we are learning about our left and right in geography. You can watch your geography lesson from this link:

You will need some paper and a pencil ready.

Have fun smiley

Monday 4.1.21

Your topic lesson today is a science challenge all about trees.

Watch the video below, where Ms Bhattacharjee tells you all about deciduous and evergreen trees. If you can, go for a walk with your grown ups and see what trees you can find. Look carefully at the tree parts; leaves, branches... 

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***** Following the Government’s announcement this evening (4th January 2021) School will be closed to all classes from tomorrow, Tuesday 5th January 2021. Further information will be sent out on Tuesday 5th January. For details on how to request provision for key worker children please see our “Parents” pages and then click “Covid-19 updates for Parents and Carers”. *****