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Reach Out Reporter

Reach Out Reporter is now known as Twig Science Reporter.

They still have lots of fascinating information about current science topics.

During the lockdown, they are running a Summer School with topics on a range of things. For example, this week the topic is space. You can find out about the 4 planets that are furthest from the sun.

Follow the link below or go to the Reach Out Reporter website and sign up for the summer school. It's free!

Forest Fields Grand Biscuit Bonanza


Science Day 2020

Our Whole-School Science Day was looking at asking and answering questions:


Ask questions and recognise that they can be answered in    different ways
Engage in practical enquiry to answer questions
Evaluate and raise further questions


Each year group came up with their own questions to investigate.


The children in the nursery looked at the gingerbread man story. What happens to the gingerbread man in water?

" It melts"

The children said it was soggy, wet, soft.





F2 looked at what happens when you pour water on biscuits.


'It is breaking.'

'It feels mushy.'

Year 1

Which biscuit is softest when I add water?

'The digestive will be softest because it has holes.'

Year 2

The children compared plain and filled biscuits.

Are filled biscuits or plain biscuits better for dunking?

'I think the chocolate cream will be best because Miss Hoyland dipped the chocolate biscuit and it didn't fall apart.'

'I think the cream because the cream will hold it together.'

'I think the digestive because it had a thick texture.'

Year 3

Which biscuit is the best dunker?

'The Oatie was the best dunker because it lasted 40 s.'

What if we use the same type of biscuit?


The children came up with their own questions to investigate.

Year 4

First the children worked out how they would know which is the best biscuit for dunking.

'The best dunker is the one that disintegrates last.'

They then chose their own questions to investigate.

What if we use warm water?

How long can each biscuit survive in hot water?

Can chocolate covered gingerbread last longer than plain gingerbread?

They also predicted which would be the best dunker.

'I think the iced ring will be best because the icing will protect it.'

'I think the iced ring will be best because it has an extra layer.'

Year 5

After exploring how to work out which biscuit is the best dunker, the children in Year 5 came up with their own questions to investigate.

Does the brand of biscuit affect the dunkability.

Which brand stays without breaking the longest?

Will the shape of the biscuit make a difference to the reaction time?

Does the cream in a biscuit affect how quickly it falls apart?

Year 6

Year 6 started their day by looking at a subjective question ie a question based on personal feeling.

They analysed each biscuit in terms of taste, texture, appearance and smell. They gave each biscuit a score and created a scatter graph with their results.

Next they looked at the fat and sugar content of each biscuit before trying to answer questions such as:

Is there a correlation between favourite biscuit and sugar content?

School Council Meeting January 2020


The school council reps from years 1, 3 and 5 met with Mr Charly and Ms Marks to talk about their science from last term. All the children were very enthusiastic about sharing the work they had done.

The year 1 children looked at pictures and described what they could see. They told us that some trees are evergreen and some of them are deciduous. They decided the pictures show winter and they explained how they knew.

Year 1 Sensing Seasons

Year 3 told us about forces and about magnets pulling things towards them. They also explained that magnets can pull through things like a whiteboard and air. We made a paperclip fly!

Year 3 Forces and Magnets

Gardening club have had a bumper crop of potatoes!

Lunchtime Gardening Club

Our Year 3 Evergreen children took part in an amazing trip to Nottingham University Pharmacy Department this week to find out about the work that pharmacists do. They took part in 3 experiments looking at solids, liquids and gases, drug transport to target drugs to treat the correct part of the body and making a potion that might help treat young children. All the children had a fabulous time and many of them now want to train to be scientists when they leave school.

Year 3 Visit to Nottingham University Pharmacy Department

Year 3 & 4 Science Day

On Wednesday 13th December, all of the children and staff in Year 3 and 4 embarked on an adventure to investigate the world of 'Natural Materials'. The day started with an assembly to launch proceedings and then the children spent the rest of the day taking part in 3 different investigations which included, separating materials, looking at different rock formations through the medium of chocolate, classifying rocks and minerals, finding suitable rocks that would fit the purpose of providing a roof for 'Stig of the Dump', viscosity experiments and dissolving solids with different liquids. The day was full on, with lots and lots of discussion, prediction and fun!


What also made this an extra special day, was that parents/carers were invited for the assembly and then also to visit their child's classroom for part of the morning. We had a brilliant turn out and therefore would like to thank each of you who came. I know the children enjoyed you being a part of the day and it was great to see you all getting involved. Please do come again! 


A big thank you to all the staff who put a lot of effort in to the day and ensured it was a success on many levels. A extra special thank you goes out to Ms Marks (Science Lead Teacher), who planned and coordinated the day.


Below is a short presentation that contains information from each of the classes. This was presented to Year 5 and 6 to highlight the learning and fun that had taken place. Enjoy!smiley








Woodland Trust Tree Planting


We have received 60 plants from the Woodland Trust to plant a hedge and some groups of trees around the school grounds to encourage wildlife to visit. The plants provide areas for animals and birds to shelter as well as berries for food and nectar for insects.

Several of our Year 5 children helped by Andy Hollis and Sam Bird from Sherwood Forest Trust planted almost 50 of the plants around the school on Wednesday 29th December.

If you look carefully you may see the plastic tubes that provide protection for the plants until they grow a bit bigger. How many can you spot?


Tree planting

In year 6 this term we had a visit from Eon. They helped us carry out investigations into Creative Conductors. each group had to design and make a product that involved using conductive materials. Congratulations to all the pupils for their hard work and excellent results.

Year 6 Creative Conductors

The children in Year 2 had some animal visitors this term. The children handled some of the animals and found out about looking after each one.

Year 2 Animal Handling

All of Year 3 went to Twycross Zoo to find out about rainforest animals. We saw lots of different animals and found information about where they come from.

Year 3 visit to Twycross Zoo

Terrific Scientific!


This half term, Year 4 had the chance to take part in the BBC science project 'Terrific Scientific'.

This project is currently investigating how we taste foods and what affects which foods we like and dislike. For our investigation, we wanted to find out how many of us were super-tasters, tasters and non tasters.  


We used blue food colouring to dye the fungiform papillae on our tongues. Counting these helped us to work out the number of taste buds each of us had. There were lots of tasters and super-tasters in our classes but Miss Radford was a non-taster!


Check out the photos below and visit to find out more about Terrific Scientific!


Our Taste Investigation

Festival of Science and Curiosity - Monday 8th February 2016


Following on from a visit to the Pupil Parliament, 2 of our Year 6 children, Janaide Baugh and Aisha Rashid, set about planning activities to raise awareness for the above event. It was launched with an assembly to KS1, whereby they explained what they did at the Pupil Parliament and also highlighted that they would be planning an exciting Science morning for all in Year 2. The assembly had an explosive ending as the children made colourful fountains of fizzy pop. 


The focus for the Festival of Science and Curiosity was the 5 Senses. Janaide and Aisha met with our Science Lead, Mrs Marks and discussed possibilities for the event.


The morning was a super success, with all the Year 2 children participating in activities that focused on all 5 of their senses. There was optical illusions, blindfold tasting, feely bags, guitar and drum playing, lots of tasting opportunities and booklets for the children to help focus their thoughts and encourage discussion.


A big thank you goes out to Janaide and Aisha along with all the Year 2 staff who helped ensure that the morning was a huge success.

Festival of Science and Curiosity - Monday February 8th 2016

Welcome to our Science Page


Here you can see all the fantastic things the children at Forest Fields do in their science work. We asked the children what they enjoyed about science and they said they loved doing practical work and solving problems.

Here are some of the problems they have been solving.


Year 1 had fun finding out which material would keep their teddy dry in the rain. They made a coat using the material they chose and then tested how waterproof it was by pouring water over poor teddy's head! I hope teddy wasn't too soggy.
Inyear 5, we were given a real mix-up of things to sort out and separate. We used various techniques depending on the size of particle and the material used.
Year 4 tried to find out how the melting of ice is affected by the size, shape and temperature of the ice block.

Ice hands

We wanted to find out what affected how quickly the hands melted.

What if we changed the temperature?

What if we changed the size?

What if we changed the shape?

We carried out an experiment to find out.

Year 6 investigated how animals evolve over time. They had a day when they carried out investigations looking at why and how evolution takes place.

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