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Year 5


Our classes:

5HC - Miss Somersall-Heath

5SF - Mrs Davies-Taylor

5JS - Mr Saunders



Also supporting our learning in Year 5 are:

Mrs Watson and Mrs Powell


Silly Squad, Summer Reading Challenge 2020


The Summer Reading Challenge is back with Silly Squad! A celebration of funny books, happiness and laughter. Produced by The Reading Agency and run in partnership with libraries across the country, the Summer Reading Challenge is a brilliant way to maintain children’s reading enthusiasm over the summer break.


Usually taking place in libraries, due to the disruption caused by COVID-19, the 2020 Summer Reading Challenge will be an all-new, all-digital challenge. Children sign up at to join in the fun. A parent/carer will need to approve the sign up.


This summer, children taking part online will meet the Silly Squad; a loveable bunch of animals who run a fantastic fun house. But beware: a mysterious baddy is waiting to spoil the fun!

Reading will unlock digital rewards, badges and activities. With a certificate to download when children complete their challenge.


As always, children choose the books they want to read on their Challenge; novels, fact books, joke books – all reading counts. Though the challenge may look a little different this year, Inspire Libraries will be there every step of the way to cheer on our Nottinghamshire Silly Squad. There are ebooks & eaudiobooks to borrow online along with comics and magazines.


Find out more about the Summer Reading Challenge and the brilliant online activities we have planned at

Home Learning Week Beginning

6th July 2020


This week we continue with our Science topic - Space. Don't forget to scroll down this page to find some Music information to do with our topic, 'Musician of the Month' and previous work packs and information you may have missed.


Have you seen the Summer Reading Challenge?





As an astronomer, Peter believed he had the best job in the world! Ever since he was a boy, Peter had been fascinated with stars, planets, moons, comets and galaxies. Any celestial object that he witnessed had Peter enraptured.

As he stood alone on the frozen surface of the lake, wrapped up well against the bitterly cold wind, Peter glimpsed something extraordinary through his telescope. It was in moments like this that Peter truly felt alive...


Create a story using the opening above. You will get to think about how Peter got the job he has, what he has seen and what will happen as a result of what he has seen.


This week's reading comprehension is an extract from 'A Boy Called M.O.U.S.E.' by Penny Dolan.



This week, you will continue looking at imperial measures, measures of time and timetables. Remember to check the work pack first before going onto Mathletics. The work on Mathletics may have been set as revision and not be something that you have covered recently.







For one session this week, you will be looking at time zones. You will learn about why you shouldn't be calling someone in India when it is 8 pm in the UK and why we have them. Click on the picture to take you to the link in your pack.


  You will also get to do some investigations based on viscosity. As we have covered viscosity in science this year, you should be able to make some well thought through predictions for your investigation.




Continue with the exercises from last week. Can you improve your performance from last week? If you need reminding, click on the picture to take you to the video.


Had we been in school, we would have taken part in Nottingham School Games. Although we can't do it in school, we can still have a go at home! Check the pack for instructions on what you need to do.


Design Technology

Last week you created your rocket. This week you will need to evaluate the effectiveness of your rocket's design? Did you choose the best materials or would you use different materials? Is your rocket's shape aerodynamic or does the shape cause air resistance? What did you think worked well. What are you proud of? 










 Continue to keep a record of those new skills that you have been learning or those skills that you have been practising and mastering. We can't wait to see what you have been up to.


Home Learning Pack 6th July 2020

Useful Space Links


Want to find out more about space?  Have a look below.


BBC - The planets

Professor Brian Cox explores the dramatic lives of the eight majestic planets/worlds that make up our solar system. Catch up on BBC IPlayer - ask an adult to help you view it.




Space X Launches into Space

This shows all the preparation on the day of the launch (30th May 2020) . You may want to cut to 3 hours and 33 minutes to see the part where the launch actually happens.



Watch as Crew Dragon reaches the International Space Station (17 minutes in).






What Do We Know About The Gas Giants?

More information about the gas planets in our Solar System.



Ever wanted to know what it would be like to walk on the moon? 'Meet' Gene Cernan, the last man to have walked on the moon.


Two space scientists answer questions about space.


The Planets Suite - Gustav Holst



Jupiter – The Bringer of Jollity

Jupiter is the Roman King of the gods and the largest in our Solar System. Holst had to pull out all the stops for this movement. Astrologically, Jupiter represents grandeur, extroversion and good fortune. To Holst, he was everybody’s round faced, jolly, fat, naughty uncle. Listen out for the waltzy, dance-like strings and brass. Holst wanted it to sound quintessentially English. He wanted people to think of children dancing round maypoles on village greens. This twee quality reflects Holst’s lifelong passion for British folk music. His majestic middle section was set to words a few years later in the patriotic hymn ‘I Vow To Thee My Country’.  The theme has also been used in the song ‘World in Union’ which is used during Rugby World Cups. The theme is a celebration of unabashed life and hope.


Listen to Jupiter (by clicking on the picture of the orchestra above) and then listen to the 2019 version of ’World In Union’. The song sung by Kiyoe Yoshioka was used during the  Rugby World Cup in Japan. The song ‘World In Union’ has been used since 1991. It is re-released for every Rugby World Cup with a famous singer from the host country singing it. You may remember Paloma Faith singing it in 2015. Mrs Davies-Taylor’s favourite version of the song is sung by Shirley Bassey and Bryn Terfel. Can you guess why?





Venus is the second piece in the Planets Suite. Venus is there to restore harmony after the chaos from Mars (the first movement). Listen carefully to the soft flutes and harps. These instruments are meant to represent peace and beauty. The strings (the violins, violas, cellos and double basses)  shimmer across cool, calm and colourful chords (two or more notes played together). A haunting violin solo suggests the tranquillity of Venus herself - the Roman goddess of love.



Next we hear Mercury - The Winged Messenger. The movement is called a 'Scherzo'. This is an Italian word that means 'playful'. The movement is fleeting and is the shortest movement of the whole suite. There are folk like themes which skip between the harp, flute and glockenspiel. The themes are flighty and Mercurial (try and get that word in your not lot of writing).



Gustav Holst was a British composer best known for his orchestral suite ‘The Planets’. A suite is a group of individual pieces. There are seven pieces in 'The Planets' and 'Mars, the Bringer of War' is the first one.

In ancient Roman religion, Mars was the god of war. Holst composed this piece in anticipation of the outbreak of World War One. The piece is a march but an unusual one. Normally a march has 4 beats in a bar so you can say "left, right, left, right" but Mars has 5 beats in a bar; tricky to march to!

Listen out for: The opening two harps, strings playing with the wood of the bow (col legno), timpani using very hard-headed sticks and the gong. There’s also a solo from the euphonium.


Click the picture to hear 'Mars - The Bringer of War'.

While listening, think about: Does the music make me think of the same image that the composer wanted me to? Do I think of a march and war? Do I like the piece? What do I like about it? What don't I like about it? What can you tell someone about the pitch (high and low), dynamics (loud and soft), tempo (fast and slow), timbre (the different sounds) and how they change during the piece?


Gustav Holst

BORN: 1874 / DIED: 1934 / NATIONALITY: British

Gustav Holst was a British composer living and working in London 100 years ago. He was a very interesting man. He was fascinated by space, astrology, religion, meditation and vegetarianism - in many ways he was completely ahead of his time. Music ran in Holst's family and so it wasn't a surprise to his parents when he decided to learn the piano. Sadly an injury to his arm meant that he had to give up and so he took up composing and, because it made more money, he played trombone in theatre bands. His biggest success came with his Planets Suite - a set of pieces for orchestra that describes the character of each planet. Holst didn't like the fame that this piece brought him. He wouldn't sign autographs, do interviews or accept awards and as the years went by he spent more and more time teaching. He inspired many young composers.


Musician Of The Month - July

This month we are looking at the 'Buena Vista Social Club'. Read the information below while you listen to the link.


Buena Vista Social Club - Musician of the Month

String Players - Have you seen this link?

(Bilal A, Hamza M, Debora S, Joseph R-F, Zoya N and Oliwia T.)


Nottingham Music Hub have provided video lessons to help you with your practice. There are challenges at the end for you to show that you have completed it. Let's see if we can make our school into the top 10 this week.


Click on the picture below to take you to the website.


PE with Mr Saunders

For the Year 5 pupils at school to use for their PE lesson

PE with Mr Saunders Part 2 =)

Of course I decided to film on the one day that it rains this week, but the activities are still great nonetheless.


Have you seen 'Miss Radford's Read Aloud'? By clicking on the picture, it will take you to the first few chapters of 'Max and the Millions'.

Have you seen this message from the staff at Forest Fields? Click on the picture below to view the clip.



What the teachers have been getting up to (apart from school work) while they can't be in school.


This will continue to be updated over the coming weeks.

Over The Rainbow

Still image for this video
Every Thursday, many people stand on their doorsteps and clap and cheer for Key Workers. We are clapping for people who work for the NHS, refuse collectors, shop workers, delivery drivers, postal workers and many more. Mrs Davies-Taylor has been practising her musical skills and working on her Windows Movie Maker skills so that perhaps you could also sing while you #ClapForCarers at 8PM on Thursdays.

Year 5 Homework Pack

Useful Links

Keep checking here to find links to websites that you can explore from home. 

In Science, we are learning about Forces. We will be doing investigations to see how gravity, air resistance and water resistance work.



To support my learning, at home I should...


- Read regularly and discuss what I have read with another person

Please remember to record your reading in your reading diaries and get them signed each week. 


- Practise my times tables

Try and get your name on the list of Rock Stars on the Rock Stars website!


- Practise maths at home

Sign in and use the Mathletics website


- Complete homework projects each half term

How many points can you earn?


- Learn my spellings for a test at the end of each week





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