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School Council

Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community.

Autumn 2019


Already our new School Council have been involved in various projects with more lined up for the Spring term....


1) Some of the team have worked with Ms Marks around Science. They spent an afternoon doing practical activities and sharing their scientific knowledge for a variety of topics. The remaining members yet to have this experience will take part in a similar activity during the New Year.


2) Other members of the team are currently doing some follow-up work around our new school dinner menu. The School Council played a huge part in developing the menu last year with the City Catering Team and school kitchen staff. Now, they are carrying out a survey to assess how things are going and will evaluate the positives but also address anything that could be further enhanced.




Plans are being finalised for our School Council to visit a school in Hucknall to carry out some activities focusing on the Character Curriculum and sharing different cultures.


Watch this space for further details...   



School Council 2019/20

School Council 2018/19

Autumn 2018


The School Council have been busy this term but are already looking forward to organising special events during the Spring and Summer.


This term some members of the Council have been working closely with Mrs Marks (our Science Lead Teacher). They had a couple of meetings where they were looking at Learning Journals and in particular, the work relating to Science across the school. The older children also interviewed the younger members to find out what they thought about the subject. It was a big success and highlighted lots of positives. Mrs Marks is keen to work with the School Council again in 2019!


In other news -


15 members met with our school catering team and spent an afternoon analysing the current school dinner menu and discussing possible changes for 2019. They got to taste a few bits (which disappeared very quickly smiley) but more importantly, were able to ask lots of questions and put forward suggestions that will hopefully encourage more of our children to stay for school dinners. There will be a special School Council dinner in the new year with the entire menu chosen by them. They will be continuing to work alongside the catering team and from time to time will be talking to children in the dining room so that they can feedback any thoughts on the changes made. All the children that took part in the meeting expressed their views clearly and offered really sensible suggestions for possible future changes.


Well done and thank you to all the School Council members for their hard work this term. no 

Since the launch of our Minibus campaign, there have been many fundraising activities and we still have a few more to come before the end of the term. Many thanks to all of you for your kind support and donations. It's much appreciated. Below, is a letter sent to the school by our very own Chair of Governors. Please have a read...

Members of our School Council and Shaun putting the finishing touches to our 'Minibus Totaliser'

Tuesday 1st May 2018


The meeting today followed an assembly on World Earth Day that highlighted environmental issues. Classes were asked to think of ways Forest Fields children and staff could have a positive impact on both our school and local environment. The feedback was really positive and the children had obviously given it a great deal of thought.


Discussions focused on: Recycling, saving energy, composting, focusing on litter, walking/cycling to school instead of coming in a car and raising the profile across school through posters and assemblies.


Jim, our Site manager, has registered the school to become and ECO School and following this the children have decided to form a committee to further develop our school site, ensuring that we are as ECO friendly as possible - Watch this space to find out how this progresses!


Our Mini bus campaign is still driving forward and we should have our totaliser on display in the school office next week. Members of the school council are adding the finishing touches this coming Thursday. Many thanks for your contributions to various fund raising activities that have already taken place.

Tuesday 6th February 2018

Today we had our second formal meeting where we shared ideas from our class books and discussed our big project....RAISING MONEY FOR A SCHOOL MINIBUS!!!


Yes, we are all very excited about the prospect of Forest Fields having its own minibus. The School Council have decided that they would like to play a big role in helping to raise money towards this cause.


Watch this page for further news from our School Council Reps...

Thursday 17th March 2016


Items discussed:

  • School uniform / teachers wearing a uniform
  • Football in KS1 PE
  • Having orange juice at lunchtimes instead of milkshake
  • A review of prizes in the class chance boxes
  • Guitar club
  • Library
  • Back packs for pupils instead of the current book bags
  • A fundraiser for new playground equipment.


Actions from the last meeting: 


  • We will look into the cost of First Aid Training for the current Y5 children and plan for the training to take place in the Autumn term
  • We will approach Mr Coirie, our MFL Coordinator and discuss the possibility of a Spanish Day in Summer 2
  • A Science club took place over a 6 week period with the children also having a visit to Zoo. These children will share their experiences in an assembly
  • We are currently looking into our lunchtime provision and will be discussing possible links with NTU whereby students may run alternative lunchtime clubs for our children.



The School Council have decided to have a fundraiser in the second half of the summer term. All members will be involved and plans will begin after the Easter break. WATCH THIS SPACE FOR FURTHER DEVELOPMENTS no

Friday 8th January 2016


Below are some of the suggestions/thoughts that the School Council Representatives shared during the meeting:


  • To have a Spanish day that included eating Spanish food. Also, to have a Spanish room in school
  • To investigate the price of school dinners and find out how much individual foods cost
  • To have an after school football club and have football taught as part of the curriculum
  • To purchase more playtime equipment
  • To buy a school mini bus
  • To have a Science club
  • To have a wider variety of fiction and non-fiction books in the classrooms
  • To encourage children to be in school all the time and to arrive on time at the start of the day
  • To have a handwriting day. Some of the older children could help the younger children
  • To have more visits outside of school
  • To have Y6 children trained as First Aiders
  • To build a school library
  • Break time snacks
  • To have a school newspaper.

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  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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