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Welcome to Forest Fields Primary and Nursery School

Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6

angel Choose a song and sing along! angel

Remember to do your warm ups and choose the volume at which you will be singing.



Can you think of an interesting voice?!

121 Warm-Up

Rocky Mountain

Good News, Chariot's Coming!

Si Mama Ka

Ebeneezer Sneezer

Who's that Tapping?

Double, Double

Hey, Mr Woodpecker!

Long-Legged Sailor

A Cat

Hill and Gully Rider

Heave Away, Haul Away


Choose your favourite Blazer Fresh rap and


Blazer Fresh: Lines & Angles

Blazer Fresh: Patterns Part 1

Blazer Fresh: Lunch

Blazer Fresh: Patterns Part 2

Blazer Fresh: Rounding

Blazer Fresh: Syllables

Blazer Fresh: Commas

Blazer Fresh: Homophones

Blazer Fresh: Water Cycle


RHYTHMIC ICE BREAKERS: Body Percussion Copyback 3

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