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Week 4

Friday 29.1.21

Write your forest description using your ideas from yesterday's lesson. Remember to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

Watch your lesson here:

Thursday 28.1.21

We have now read 2 stories set in the forest. Let's have a look at writing a forest description. Today we are going to plan our ideas using our senses. What can you hear, smell, touch and see in the forest?

Watch your lesson here:

Wednesday 27.1.21

You're going to have a go at being the teacher today! I have written some sentences about Hansel and Gretel but have made quite a few mistakes. Correct the mistakes and then write the sentence correctly in your best handwriting. 

Watch how to do it here:

Tuesday 26.1.21

Today we are going to read our new story. It's Hansel and Gretel!

Listen as Miss Catton reads it and see if you can spot our new tricky words from our first lesson. Read the story a few times so that you really understand it. Then answer the questions in your workbook.

Listen to the story here:

Monday 25.1.21

We are starting to learn a new story this week. Look carefully at the new words that we will hear in the book. Can you explain what they all mean? Try to use them in a sentence.

Watch the lesson here:

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